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18 inch led tube light

18inch led tube light
High quality supplier light tube led t8 tube9 5w 3 5 years warranty cob tcob chips 3w to 22w t5 t8 led tube high quality supplier light tube l .
3 5 years warranty ul rohs fujian led pcb factory design 94v alu supplier light tube led t8 tube pcb board assembly with tcob chip led .
120cm 18w ce rohs ul approved 1200mm 18w high brightness factory price led t8 tube t8 led tube light .
High Efficiency tcob mcob cob led tube light, With over 200 lumens per watt, this replaceable LED driver tube can reach UL’s “Four-Foot Linear Replacement Lamps” category requirement of 3,800 lumens with just 23 watts. The higher watt options for RDS tubes provide additional output for business owners and managers that would like more light in certain applications or less tubes via de-lamping fixtures.
Although the heat generated by the drive to be isolated, but integrated drive of course, is not removable, drive effectiveness still cause catastrophic failure of the entire product. In addition, concurrent with the products, the dimming function is not always available when the product is installed in the master electrician still need to bypass the ballast treatment.