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2015 global LED bulb number of 20 to 2.5 billion

Jing Bing, chairman of Li Bingjie yesterday (25) said that by the Korean TV factory adjustment strategy, this year’s LED backlighting demand start time delayed 1 month, is expected to start in April to see the demand. As for the LED lighting demand is not bad, but the mainland manufacturers from the chip, the package penetration to the lamp, one-stop production mode has price-led, so the number of LED bulbs although doubled growth, but the output value of only 30% growth.

Li Bingjie yesterday to attend the 2015 Taiwan International Solid State Lighting International Symposium on the LED industry boom, he said that in previous years, LED backlight demand from March to start this year by the Korean TV factory supply chain adjustment, or TV outsourcing strategy changes, resulting in LED backlighting requirements of 1 month, in the past Han customers in January orders, LED factory began shipping in March, so the Lunar New Year run into leave, LED factory shipments pressure.

February this year, although continued overtime, but the pressure is relatively small, LED backlighting demand than expected, leading to the amount has not come up, it is estimated that April will begin to climb; Li Bingjie that South Korea, mainland TV factory shipments are slower this year, Korean manufacturers are usually the entire TV, LED backlight market indicators, demand than expected late may be Korean factory to adjust TV outsourcing strategy caused by, but the Korean manufacturers often have unexpected performance, demand deferred after the order if the squeeze Together, crystal power is the biggest beneficiaries, only the crystal power is sufficient capacity for timely supply.

As for the LED lighting, the demand has been not bad, but the mainland manufacturers from the chip, packaging penetration to the lamps, one-stop production mode there is price-led capacity, LED lighting demand this year will double, but the amount of only 30% Loss of manufacturers can not afford, must be technically dependent, crystal power will reduce the chip size 30% to achieve the original brightness; Li Bingjie estimated that in the formal market, this year 800 lumens bulbs will be reduced from $ 8 to $ 5, the price has been Approaching energy-saving lamps.

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Crystal power combined with Formosa Epitaxy, MOCVD machine nearly 500 units, Formosa Former front for the conversion structure, the production line must be suspended, Li Bingjie pointed out that crystal power took over Formosa in January, it is estimated that 3 to 4 months to product Line, process conversion, if the third quarter of the strong enough, May may also be able to break through the 50%, but this year the Formosa Epitaxy is not easy to profit, but have the opportunity to challenge a single month loss.

Li Bingjie also predicted that the number of global LED bulbs in 2015 to see 20 to 2.5 billion, compared with 9 to 1.2 billion last year, a substantial growth, estimated 2019 permeability of about 50 to 60%.

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