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24 t8 bulb

24 t8 bulb
Integrated led tubes 18 watt 2 5ft 11 24 watt led tube 20 watt led t8 t10 tube for 48 4ft fluorescent replacement .
In the first quarter, HC SemiTek loss, dry according to optical, Linsen, Abby, Wright and many other corporate profits decline. Dry according to optical profits decline even as high as 88%.
Wanban is a leading provider of energy efficient LED tube lighting products and a developer of energy efficient led tube lighting technology. Our LED Lighting tubes like t5 led and t8 led lights products provide energy savings, aesthetics, safety and maintenance cost benefits over conventional lighting. Our long-standing relationship with the Chinese Government continues to enable us to provide energy efficient LED lighting tube products of t5 t8 tcob cob mcob to the Chinese Navy and the Military Sealift Command fleets. Customers include national, state and local Chinese government agencies, as well as Fortune 500 companies and many other commercial and industrial clients. World headquarters are located in Suzhou, Zhejiang with additional offices in globle world.
The tube LED T8 light tcob mcob cob direct replacement lamp meets UL standard 1598c and the four-foot version meets Designlights Consortium requirements.
Wanban has announced the TCOB MCOB COB led tube light and led light bulbs Series of commercial led light fixtures that are specifically designed for use with LED-based T8 tubes or t5 led tubes that have an integrated AC DC driver in the tube. The fixtures eliminate any uncertainty as to whether LED tubes can carry UL safety certifications and are appropriate for broad commercial deployment. But the requirement of replacing a fixture may eliminate the perceived solid-state lighting (SSL) retrofit advantage of simple tube-level upgrades.