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25w t8 lamp

25w t8 lamp
The omnidirectional wide-angle high-performance led tube light and LED light bulb offers bright, 270-degree lighting, enough to replace a 60-watt traditional bulb while consuming only 10 watts of power. Its efficient aluminum cooling fins provide cooling and greatly reduce brightness decay, helping the bulb remain bright and energy-efficient even after long use.
Wanban Opto. is considered a definitefuture industry development, but is still in its early phases. Its sales and market strategies will need to differentiate from traditional tube lighting products. Retailers boldly expanding smart led tube lighting product sales will probably become the market¡¯s ¡°martyrs.¡±.
At the same time, wanban Optoelectronics, dry according to optical and electron-Po in LED chips, packaging areas are doing a great job, Fujian LED lighting is a very important areas. It is understood that, in 2015, operating income was photoelectric 958 million yuan, of which LED packaging business sales reached 658 million yuan, accounting for up to 68.68%. Shamenxinda shares announcements, Cinda Optoelectronics is one of the representative enterprises producing LED products, has a national post-doctoral research station, subject to a fixed support funds science and technology policy support, and became the only German company EON review factory in China.
In recent years, the price of LED lighting products throughout the country there are different degrees of decline, in Chongqing, the price decline is more prominent phenomenon. In this regard, the major brand lighting companies also made the corresponding policy. The reason why a “price war”, the fierce competition in the domestic terminal market is one of the main reasons.
In its home market China, wanban¡¯s revenue performance tumbled 56%, and is in dire need of improvising its company measures to convince its investors. Market rumors in claiming wanban is planning to raise its display component prices in the country are not surprising.