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32 watt t8 lamps

32watt t8 lamps
Fresh picks to boost your sales! grade a led t8 tube light with various kind of end caps g13 base 2 foot 10w led t8 tube light .
Wanban rebates and the immediate energy savings gained through LED tube lights use can help ghting retrofits. Contact Wanban to arrange a demonstration or to locate a distributor near you.
high qualified ul rohs fujian led pcb factory design 94v alu supplier light tube led t8 tube pcb board assembly with tcob chip .
milky cover 1200mm led all in one t8 tube light 4ft led all in one t8 tube light 18w led t8 all in one tube light .
It is commented that the wanban tcob mcob cob LED solution brings a good level of illumination to our stores. This has enhanced the store displays and reinforced our brand’s strong image. Within just two months of implementing the LED tube lights, we are already recording a lower electrical cost compared to other stores that are presently using more traditional lights. We are pleased that our new stores have been experiencing a steady customer flow, and they have given us positive feedback on the overall shopper experience.¡±.