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3 foot led tube light

3foot led tube light
In January 2016, Independence LED embarked on a project to replace the exiting fluorescent tube lamps in its parking lots at a restaurant in Elizabeth, New Jersey, which resulted in an annual savings of $2004 on eight LED tube light fixtures or 88%. Also in January, two other large restaurants in Maple Shade and Carteret, New Jersey, decided to retrofit their 2×4, ft fluorescent tubes with TCOB mcob cob led tubes in 2×2, ft LED fixtures throughout their facilities, delivering annual energy savings of over $5200 each. Energy cost was reduced by more than 85%. Lifetime energy savings (7 years or 60,000 rated hours) for the restaurant interiors is estimated at $53,000 per facility when maintenance and 8% annual increases in energy costs are factored in.
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A lot of manufacturers, especially engineers who are responsible of designing new products, are convinced that their smart LED tube light products are technologically advanced. They do not realize the products launched are not favored by the market. This is caused by engineers overlooking consumers¡¯ demands in their race for product innovation and novelty.