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4 bulb t5

4 bulb t5
188-200lm per watt led t8 tube ce rohs approvals ra 2 3 5 years warrant from fujian with high lumen 188lm 200lumen per watt .
The tcob mcob led tube light deliver a dramatic visual but also limit the light that passes through. The project team built a mockup of the design to ensure that an LED tube light luminaire could deliver the combination of light levels and energy efficiency required. Wanban reported that the tcob mcob Series was the only product tested that could deliver floor-to-ceiling uniform lighting and meet power-density requirements.
free sample integrated 4ft 1200mm 34w led t8 tube discount led tube light cooler door tube light tcob and cob high bright light .
9 10 12 15 18 22 w wt watt dlc ul approved led t8 tube lights neutral nature pure 4ft 8ft pir radar occupancy motion ebay .
high quality 18w 20w ce rohs approval tcob and cob t8 led read tube for children room good price hot sale aluminate led t8 tube .