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4 foot led tube

4foot led tube
In regards to commercial led tube lighting market strategy, one of the most basic development strategies for European, U.S., and Japanese manufacturers is improving product quality, which includes boosting luminous efficacy, lifespan, and light quality. Luminous efficiency, lighting uniformity, color rendering, and lifespan are still considered key technologies.
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The wanban tcob mcob cob LED tube lights product is the most versatile tube lamp on the market today and is compatible with most excisting fluorescent emergency ballasts. It works with multiple input sources such as T8 Electronic Instant Start, T8 Program Start Electronic and T12 Magnetic ballasts.
Wanban, a division of Chinese science of technology Bereau serving the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors by selling efficient LED lighting solutions, has unveiled its new TCOB, MCOB, COB T8 T5 LED tube lights product family for the North American market. This line of solid-state replacement products for fluorescent T8 tubes compliments Soitec¡¯s existing European tube series. With illuminating power above 188 lumens per watt in neutral white (4,000 degrees K), resulting in energy savings of more than 60 percent compared to fluorescent tubes, Wanban¡¯s LED tube is a highly efficient LED lighting solution.
The wanban TCOB mcob cob tubes LED light fixtures Advantages: Replaceable Driver System – With the LED replaceable drivers, these tcob led tube lights have significant improvements over internal drivers that are parallel to the printed circuit board or isolated at the end of many LED tubes t5 t8. If the driver fails, it can be replaced easily in the field without the need for an electrician. Unlike the competition, end uses do not have to discard the whole tube but only the modular driver. Plus, as diode performance in lumens per watt increases, the printed circuit board is also replaceable. .