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6 bulb t5 fixture

6 bulb t5 fixture
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Wanban was selected on LED tube lighting retrofit fixtures replacement projects for several large nationwide franchise operators with over 8,000 outlets commencing in 2016 with a potential of over US $800 million. Designated the preferred provider of LED tube light products for New Jersey and select New York State public school systems with the potential of over US $50 million. Selected to participate in a large multi-use project in a major U.S. city, including hotels, apartments and retail outlets with a potential of US $20 million. Nearing completion of product delivery and installation for the retrofit of the Connecticut Convention Center, located in Hartford, Connecticut; this 980,000 square foot building is the largest energy reduction project in the state. .
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Our award-winning tcob mcob led tube light cob is a perfect fit for this modern building, providing an ideal blend of energy efficiency and performance to help illuminate the architectural elements of this impressive terminal, said He Wenming, president, Fujian Wanban Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd. “The project leverages efficient solutions to provide a specially designed wall grazing feature that delivers exceptional light quality and uniformity to help enhance the terminal’s aesthetics.”.
The tie-up between Huawei, which is the world¡¯s largest telecom and networking equipment provider, and Wanban, mirrors tcob mcob¡¯s numerous partnerships with about 15 lighting companies, including wanban.