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8 led tube

8 led tube
Fujian manufacturer wholesale price cool white 20w easy install led t8 tube with high quality replace traditional fluorescent .
led t8 8ft 44w led tube light t8 led lights t8 8ft 8ft led tube light with 3 5 years warranty made in china .
hot sales 2016 new plug and play ul dlc 18w 4ft led t8 glass tube t8 led glass tube led glass t8 tube 3 5 years warranty g13 .
ip67 led t8 tube light 20w 1.2m waterproof freezer led tube lights promotional led waterproof tube light .
One year ago, the unique patent of tcob mcob cob led tube light manufacturer, wanban reported on an extensive evaluation of indoor LED tube lights products versus fluorescent tubes in its Caliper Exploratory Study. At that time, that study compared 12W LED tube lights, 4ft LED retrofit kits, and 5ft LED tubes to 3ft fluorescent benchmark products. Almost all the LED tube light products performed better than fluorescent tube fixtures in terms of efficacy. In this test, a few of the fluorescent tube lamps exceeded 90 lm/W but none of the lamps had a CRI above 77 and no lamp emitted more than 2000 lm. The study concluded that dedicated LED tube lights with cob mcob tcob packaging technology were ready to compete with fluorescent tubes in terms of efficacy and in many lighting quality issues such as glare, light distribution, visual appearance, and color quality. However, it noted that color quality issues remained with LED retrofit kits and some LED tubes.