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ballast compatible led tube

ballastcompatible led tube
High lumen office lighting indoor lighting retrofit for t5 fluorescent lamp g13 led t5 integrated tube led tube t5 .
The TCOB MCOB COB t5 T8 led tube light lamps are projected to last 50,000 hours. Wanban is backing the lamps with its 10-year warranty. The lamps deliver 3800 lm at a 3000K CCT, and efficacy in excess of 200 lm/W.
Since both rectangular network diagram described lamp light intensity distribution can explain the regional distribution of the amount of light, so the current intensity curve, etc. Floodlights are used in rectangular maps.
100 240v led tube t8 20 watt led t8 tube 18w led tube lights 60cm 90cm 120cm 150cm factory wholesale price .
led t8 tube 150cm integrative 5ft cooler discount 2ft 3ft 4ft 5ft 6ft 8ft 15w~43w led discounted price tube hot sale in the us and europe .