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bayer material science will supply high-tech polycarbonate for led tubes

Bayer MaterialScience recently opened a more colorful open office in Shanghai. The new office uses Skyworth’s more than 4,000 LED tubes. These LED lamps are made from Makrolon, a high-tech polycarbonate. These lamps not only low maintenance costs, but also to the office every month to save about 25% of electricity.

Skyworth lighting sales director Peng Changlin said: ‘Compared with the traditional lamp, Skyworth LED lamp can be highly efficient energy saving. These 3-year lamp warranty, has a much longer service life, and use them, the safety factor is much higher. Bayer’s Makrolon material provides very good luminous efficacy, perfectly fits our product requirements. ”

Bayer MaterialScience provides material solutions for LED lighting for sustainability and ecological lighting. These LED light sources can save energy and cost. Bayer polycarbonate LED tubes are resistant to shock, low temperature, instantaneous start-up, controllability, parallel light, high color reproduction, and stable CCT (correlated color temperature). These superior performance make the new office more bright and comfortable.

“If you are designing and manufacturing commercial, industrial or residential LED lighting components, Bayer can provide you with the solutions you need,” said Tong Qiang, head of market development at Bayer Polycarbonate China. “We have polycarbonate for the LED market, Ester series products. ”

In addition to high transmittance, Bayer polycarbonate all products have good heat resistance, LED luminous flux conditions, excellent stability, excellent flame resistance and a variety of applications for a variety of LED special materials.

bayer material science will supply high-tech polycarbonate for led tubes

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