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beijing subway car will try to use green led fluorescnt tube bulb lamps lighting t5 t8

Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo will shine LED green lighting, quietly into the Beijing subway car. Reporter learned from the subway operating company, No. G432 air conditioning train number, there are two cars to switch to LED lights, next week will complete the entire train lighting transformation.

Experts estimate that although the LED lamp is expensive, equivalent to 50 times the ordinary fluorescent lamp, a train transformation of the total cost of up to 5 million, but the savings in electricity and maintenance costs almost three years to recover the cost, it is expected to promote large-scale subway in Beijing.

LED, also known as semiconductor lighting, is different from ordinary energy-saving lamps a new generation of lighting technology. Test G432 train, the carriage 168 fluorescent lamps will be replaced with LED lights. Relative to the price of fluorescent lamps per five or six yuan, the new replacement of the led fluorescnt tube bulb lamps lighting t5 t8 market price as high as 300 yuan. The current pilot project is a national “863” scientific and technological content, temporarily provided by the manufacturers free of charge.

Usually, the theoretical life of ordinary fluorescent lamp is 6000 hours, according to the average train running 12 hours a day, you can use 500 days. But in fact, the train running a constant vibration and current instability of the special environment, making the car in the lamp, “often for bad.” “Almost every year for three to four lights, plus night maintenance labor costs, the whole train spent nearly a million.” Old City Depot staff revealed.

Replacement of the outstanding advantages of led fluorescnt tube bulb lamps lighting t5 t8 is to extend the service life and significantly reduce energy consumption. G432 train is the replacement of these LED lights, life of at least 30,000 hours, the characteristics of strong earthquake is very suitable for subway operating environment, do not change in six or seven years. At the same time, LED light energy efficiency than ordinary fluorescent lamp nearly 50% higher.

This reporter learned that the subway train on the power of ordinary lamps is 40 watts, and the new LED lights for only 18 watts, the actual power in the lighting process can save almost 18 watts. To 160 trains per train, operating 12 hours a day, the average level of calculation, led fluorescnt tube bulb lamps lighting t5 t8, energy saving 12,600 degrees a year, saving electricity eight thousand or nine thousand dollars. “Overall, the entire train after the transformation, save electricity and maintenance costs, almost three years will be able to recover 50,000 yuan of led fluorescnt tube bulb lamps lighting t5 t8 costs.” Beijing Metro Design Institute LED project leader.

At present, the Beijing subway in operation has been up to more than 1,000 trains, if all transformed into led fluorescnt tube bulb lamps lighting t5 t8, environmental benefits are very impressive, but more than 5,000 million of the transformation cost is a big investment. According to reports, the city will be based on G432 train test results, decide whether the led fluorescnt tube bulb lamps lighting t5 t8 in the subway cars and large-scale promotion of the station. The industry has suggested that subway led fluorescnt tube bulb lamps lighting t5 t8 can be the first rail line in the implementation of the new line, because in the train procurement phase of the provisions of the use of LED lamps, will be much lower than the cost of transformation later. RJ033

News Background

led fluorescnt tube bulb lamps lighting t5 t8 technology originated in the late 60s of last century, the core components of light-emitting diodes, because there is no heat loss, than traditional incandescent, fluorescent light-emitting efficiency is much higher. At present, LED lamps with high energy saving, long life and recyclable materials have been widely recognized as a new trend in indoor lighting in developed countries in Europe and the United States are replacing ordinary energy-saving lamps. In China, LED landscape lighting, screen display and other fields of application has been relatively mature, but into the ordinary residents of the family is also subject to high price constraints, it will be the first outdoor lighting and public buildings to promote.

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