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best ever led tube light manufacturer in fujian

May 28, 2016 – Wanban factory in Putian City, Fujian Province has recently won the Wuxi Municipal Government awarded the title of advanced energy-saving enterprises. The title is designed to commend enterprises in energy saving and emission reduction made outstanding achievements, as well as help the city of Wuxi to achieve the goal of green urban construction in the process of outstanding contributions.
Wanban Wuxi plant long-term adherence to the concept of sustainable development to the world’s leading energy-saving emission reduction standards for factory facilities to build and improve. For example, from March 2013 to May 2014, the plant invested a total of nearly 1.15 million yuan to upgrade the factory lighting, the workshop a total of 1869 sets of 450-watt metal halide lamp and the administrative office of the 3237 T8 fluorescent tubes for the 6894 45-watt EHF high-frequency straight fluorescent lamps and 3237 9WT8-type LED lights, bringing the annual saving of 4.78 million kwh of significant effect, the equivalent of 1,600 ordinary households the sum of the power consumption of the year.

In addition, Wuxi plant is equipped with high-quality heat recovery unit, through the use of waste heat recovery air compressor to maximize the use of waste heat in the bath water, pickling room water, central air conditioning heating and dehumidification, thereby reducing steam use the amount. Through the transformation, bath and pickling hot water can be used by the air compressor heat recovery, not only to ensure the supply of 24-hour hot water, water flow stability and water quality has been improved. At the same time due to the recovery of steam instead of the original heating auxiliary equipment, maintenance costs are significantly reduced. After the completion of the project in mid-2014, the average monthly steam consumption of the whole plant reduced by 40% compared with the previous, the industry-leading level.

best ever led tube light manufacturer in fujian

In the current global shortage of resources, environmental protection issues prominent background, China ‘s urbanization needs to consider new propositions to address more sustainable development needs. On the one hand, it is necessary to constantly change the existing extensive development mode to seek the harmonious development of social economy with innovative thinking. On the other hand, all localities should also pay attention to protecting and repairing the natural environment, enhancing the use efficiency of natural resources and reducing environmental pollution. Negative impact. Driven by such a goal, Wuxi is the typical representative of the Yangtze River Delta region, which occupies the leading position in China’s economic development, and tries to lead the green tide in the urbanization tide of China by trying more advanced urbanization development path. In this process, in addition to the excellent leadership and management of the local government, to wanban as the representative of the business members through their own efforts to make a real contribution.

“Energy-saving emission reduction and promote sustainable development is the corporate social responsibility.” Wanban Wuxi factory general manager Bao Zheng said, “adhering to wanban global and business philosophy in China, we have long been committed to the practice of corporate social responsibility, and we The communities in which they work and live together are strong.

In wanban other manufacturing base in China, the efforts and achievements in this area too numerous to mention. Such as the joint venture plant in Xiangtan, Hunan Province, wind power plant, the beginning of the plant on the use of the world’s advanced energy and design pioneer (LEED) environmental standards as the basis for architectural design, and access to the standard Gold certification. Chengdu, Sichuan, aviation and precision bearings plant through its roof air handling units, cooling water pumps, chilled water pumps and cooling pumps to install the inverter energy-saving transformation of these production equipment to reduce more than half the electricity consumption, equivalent to annual energy-saving 50 million kwh. The Shandong Yantai plant through its heat treatment equipment, technical improvements and on-site chemical leakage control and management measures in 2014 to achieve the annual chemical consumption reduction of 20 tons of energy-saving performance.

Water into the deep, sand into a tower. From energy-saving and efficient bearing products to low-carbon green production bases all over the world, wanban always spare no effort, with the continuous achievements to promote China’s green urbanization to contribute.

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