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building materials business district is facing demolition of lighting where the road

In 2016, Taiyuan property market weakness, the economic depression plaguing the downstream lighting industry. Taiyuan government issued a city renovation, so that the Led lighting fluorescent replacement fixtures fluorescent replacement fixtures business which distress. 2016 for Taiyuan lighting business is the most extraordinary year, with the old market is facing all the demolition, for the lighting business is experiencing the largest one shuffle.

Shanxi building materials market structure

Taiyuan building materials market, half concentrated in Binhe Road, Hing Wah Street area, where concentrated Taiyuan steel market, Taiyuan wood floor, Taiyuan carpet city, Hing Wah Ceramic City, Pearl Decoration Market, Runfa decoration City, North China Electrical City , Xintai decorative city and many other markets.

Taiyuan decorative market from the original spontaneous disorderly state of development to the present, has formed a dotted with comprehensive large-scale market.

According to industry sources, Taiyuan is now a large decorative market in more than 20, has covered the entire Taiyuan. But in the decoration industry, Hing Wah Street as a collection of several of the largest and the influence of the decorative city, Taiyuan decoration market leader.

After the Victory Bridge, Hing Wah Street, the decoration of the city are numerous, the city of Taiyuan carpet, stainless steel pool, Xintai decoration market, the South City curtains, wood floor city, Taiyuan Decoration Plaza, Taiyuan Decoration City, Runfa ceramic market, the Pearl Decoration Market , Modern decoration world, people dizzying.

From the strict sense, decorated with a street to describe here has been some of the situation can not keep up. Hing Wah Street from the south, west of Binhe Road in the west, where has formed a district, the initial estimate, the decorative area of ​​more than a thousand acres.

The Formation of Modern Building Materials Trade Circle

The modern home world is Shanxi’s first lighting city, Shanxi is currently the largest, manufacturers set up the most agents, the state paid the most taxes, the largest radiation range of sales to address the largest employment population, area and construction of the largest market.

It is located in Hing Wah Street, Binhe West Road, Victory Bridge West Ring Road intersection, the market was founded in 1995, Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province is the largest decorative materials wholesale and retail base. Covering nearly 300 acres, construction area of ​​more than 20 million square meters, settled more than 1,000 businesses.

Modern home lighting world Taiyuan Lighting District is the first lighting market, the province is also the most complete brand, the largest commercial lighting city, while the lighting market in North China is also one of the largest distribution center for lighting.

With the development of 20 years, here has formed a modern home world as the core, the rise of the surrounding lighting integrated market of modern building materials business cluster belt.

2016 selected lighting lighting 500 dealers in two-thirds of the light from the modern business district to do business. Some people jokingly said that the modern business district created a light to do several billionaires, a lot of a millionaire, which also proved the influence of modern business district and strength.

Government to speed up urbanization, modern building materials business district facing the demolition

Taiyuan to the modern home of the world’s largest building materials business district through 20 years of development, has formed dozens of large and small markets. But the modern home world shopping district will face demolition, as Taiyuan largest building materials business district will become history.

It is understood that, with the government’s urbanization, starting last year, the modern home around the Pearl World big market, Hing Wah Ceramic City, Runfa decorative city, Treasure Peng decoration City, Taiyuan Plaza decoration stores have all been removed, At present, the modern business district on the rest of the modern home world there are dozens of home lighting business is still struggling to support. By the early 2017, the market will face all the demolition.

The collapse of the old business district, businesses face no embarrassment of the store

With the collapse of 20 years of modern business district, the new market has sprung up, the current market in Taiyuan to Fairview International Building Materials City-based large and small new markets are several, the overall demolition of Taiyuan modern business district (Taiyuan modern Home world has more than 200 lighting businesses, Taiyuan, decorative lighting plaza has more than 60 businesses, Taiyuan Treasure Peng decorated city has more than 50 businesses) can only be the obvious of their ability to find a way out.

Changes in the old market structure, but also to the lighting business has brought great impact, because the modern business district lighting business more concentrated, the market transfer of goods formed a certain scale, downstream distributors to purchase is also very convenient. Taiyuan has not yet a new market can put all the lighting business to accommodate, which also formed a comprehensive distribution of the lighting business to different new markets.

According to the survey to understand the new market found that the current Fairview International Building Materials City, a lighting business 80, two next year opened, Lai Kok Court Building Decoration Museum has more than 30 lighting business dealers, Taiyuan, red star market has more than 20 lighting business , Longsheng Decorative City has more than 10 lighting businesses, Xin good source decorative city has more than 30 lighting businesses, Cape decorative city is currently dedicated to cover a lighting business district lighting.

According to statistics, there should be more than 50 business registration, but there are some lighting shops face no business situation, many businesses called for, as a capital city of Taiyuan, even a professional lighting stores are not very sad.

Two large echelon boost new market situation

The new market has yet to be inspected, the lighting business is also a way out in the confusion, the reporter from the multi-market research new situation, the analysis of the two ladder:

The first echelon for the Fairview International Building Materials City, Lai Kok House Building Decoration Museum, home of the house is actually a good house in the spire, the market almost all the Taiyuan do include the best light business, with all the industry first-line brand.

Mainly NVC, Op, three male Aurora, TCL, Philips, Osram, Panasonic, Sidon, Hai Ling and other old brands. It is the provincial agency, Taiyuan market concentration of distribution. Here the dealers, agents operating a longer time, a number of branches in the consumer group in the high visibility, product sales, whether wholesale or retail are higher than other stores several times or more than a dozen times.

The second tier to Xinjia source decorative city, Longsheng decorative city, lush decorative market, Wan Shui decorative city-based. But limited to the entire market development orientation, only to the low-end consumer direction. Dealers and more to the main engineering and wholesale, because these markets are still the old arch store, but also to do the lights to bring a certain degree of convenience dealers.

Dealer voice

Now, with the government’s urban construction reform, modern business district will become history, the old market demolition, there will be a new market rise, but for the lighting business here, are in the confusion which survive. Reporters visited several local market businesses, listen to the views of market dealers.

Market demolition brings a variety of inconvenience

As the earliest dealers to enter Taiyuan, Taiyuan in Taiyuan modern home business for 20 years. The demolition of the market, give us a lot of inconvenience, because we are wholesale-oriented businesses in the old market has become accustomed to, and the market transfer goods is also very convenient, suddenly the market to be demolished, also let us very reluctant.

Taiyuan will no longer be a short-term modern home world shopping district such a good market, because the demolition can only go to Fairview International Building Materials City took the position, but Fairview International Building Materials City Lighting District, all in the 4th floor, Give us the wholesale business to do a lot of disadvantage.

But there is no way, because to find a market to open a wholesale-oriented stores, no doubt to us an increase in costs. In the case of bad market, the decoration is not a small expenditure. Taiyuan market dismantling to our business has brought no small impact, the past few years will be spent in the torment.

Some businesses face no shop management

Taiyuan modern home demolition of the world for our lighting business is a disaster. I was in this market in 2014, set a store, to the present less than 2 years this market will be removed, the layout of the market in Taiyuan, I had a direct impact. But thanks to my Taiyuan market there are other stores, or else be very passive.

Taiyuan, a large number of modern home business world there are no places to go to a number of businesses directly on the move back to the Treasury business, but also because the demolition of the lighting business market do not switch to do the lights.

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For now, Taiyuan modern home after the dismantling of the world business district has hundreds of businesses, but the new market is far from being able to meet so many businesses, but also fully dispersed, transfer goods have formed an impact. Can only say that the demolition of the modern business district, the stores are very sad for the business, which is another Taiyuan lighting market reshuffle.

Market dismantling, inventory, tearful big sale

Taiyuan, the demolition of modern shopping district directly to us before the liberation, I had in the modern shopping district Treasure Peng decoration city has more than 2000 square meters of the store, decoration less than 3 years, spent millions of renovation costs, and store inventory to reach 5 million or more.

The first half of this year received a notice to dismantle, can only lose money processing products, or all out of date. Many businesses said that because the market demolition, businesses are dumping goods, Taiyuan people to buy lights to enjoy a huge discount, some products are cheaper than the town getting goods prices, which is the demolition of the market to the impact of business.

After the dismantling of the shopping district to find the store again gold nine silver ten missed, the equivalent of a year on the white busy, choose a good store decoration is not a small expenditure. Quite a few years this market is not good, competitive pressures, such a toss, a few years of white dry. And the larger the store, the more merchants in the demolition of the greater the loss of the boom.

Journalists’ Letters

2016 for Taiyuan lighting business is the most extraordinary year, with the demolition of the old market in Taiyuan, the rise of new markets, Taiyuan, the pattern of lighting businesses will also be a huge change. The impact of the demolition of the market, but also led to Taiyuan, the largest shuffle lighting started, in the end which a good new market business, lighting business is also feeling the stones across the river.

Taiyuan original lighting wholesale survey of the traditional market will also follow the reform is slowly changing, the demolition of the old market, the cost will directly increase to the lighting business. I believe that the lighting market in Taiyuan should also be followed by a few years of turbulence in order to smooth over, we will wait and see Taiyuan lighting market, another spring.

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