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Malaysia’s overall construction market growth led to a sharp increase in demand for lighting products

With the “Eleventh Malaysia Plan” launched, a large number of infrastructure construction, at the same time there are Malaysia’s new rural reconstruction project. Malaysia’s overall building construction market growth will further intensify, resulting in a sharp increase in lighting technology and product demand.

LED lamps and lanterns than the traditional power-saving, the Government of Malaysia in the government administrative buildings are using LED lighting, energy-saving effect of 50% per year. At the same time, in order to further promote the LED lighting products, the Government of Malaysia in 2014, the phasing out or phase out the use of incandescent or traditional real estate projects lighting. Starting May 3, 2015, all domestic lighting products on the Malaysian market must comply with MEPS minimum energy efficiency standards; the Malaysian government has banned the production, sale and import of 100W incandescent lamps.

Now, all new development projects must use LED lighting, LED in the future of the huge demand is evident. In addition, the use of LED products is not limited to the traditional home lighting, has also been widely applied to the automotive industry, electronic products, mobile phones and laptop fluorescent screen, and even street lights have begun to use LED lighting, which shows its market prospects and development potential .

At the same time, the Malaysian government launched the LED lighting transformation project, plans to completely eliminate the traditional lighting products by 2018, for Malaysia energy-saving environmental protection era out of an important step. Selangor and other state governments even issued a decree, the new building within the mandatory use of LED products as a light source. Malaysia is expected by 2020, all domestic street lamps replaced with LED light source, and now only about 5% of Malaysia LED lights use LED products, a huge market demand is gradually emerging.

ASEAN imports of lighting lighting products, 1/3 from China. China’s ASEAN LED lighting market in 2014 year on year growth rate of up to 359.28%, far higher than China’s LED lighting products 68.82% export growth.

Malaysia is China’s largest LED lighting products in the ASEAN exporting countries, 2014 growth rate of 449.97%, much higher than the ASEAN average. In 2015, China’s exports of LED lighting products in Malaysia amounted to 140 million US dollars, representing an increase of 18.6% in 2014.

Malaysia is China’s LED lighting products exports the fifth largest country, second only to the United States, Germany, Britain and Japan. China’s exports of LED lighting products in Malaysia in 2015 the number of 26.8 million, representing an increase of 64.5% over the same period in 2014, part of the brand’s growth rate of more than 1000%.

Malaysia lighting industry in addition to some of the local electrical appliances manufactured by the brand, the main products to import the main dependence on Chinese products more than 40% of the Malaysian market has attracted a large number of Chinese enterprises to enter, in 2015 China’s exports of LED lighting products in Malaysia 1321, an increase of 3% compared to 2014, the new entrants to the main trading companies. China’s exports to Malaysia in 2015 the number of 7781 orders, of which the maximum order amount of 708,000 US dollars, the average amount of each order of 17,000 US dollars.

China LED lighting enterprises should seize the opportunity of development in Malaysia, enter the Malaysian market, accelerate development.

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