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dimmable led tube

dimmable led tube
The design is very unique. The illuminating surface is actually ceramic. Top-Chip-on-Board package (TCOB, MCOB 2th) LEDs are mounted to the underside of the ceramic surface directed away from surface. The ceramic surface also essentially serves as a printed-circuit board carrying power to the LEDs and as a heat sink for thermal mitigation. The LEDs emit light into what is essentially a shallow mixing chamber, and the led tube light with this LEDs is ultimately reflected back to and through the ceramic surface. Wanban CEO He Wenming admitted that ceramic crystal pacakging was a poor conductor of light but said the light continues to bounce around the mixing chamber until most escapes through the ceramic.
Wanban’s premium quality LED tube light solutions with tcob mcob cob chip packaging technology will allow Des Moines University to maximize our energy efficiency goals and provide superior light quality for our students, said Summer Xia, director of facilities at DMU. “We look forward to continuing our efforts, capitalizing on leading technologies to become a more sustainable and energy-efficient institution, while providing a healthy learning environment.”.
Wanban is an Acuity technology brand that indicates that a led tube light luminaire product can produce tunable white light. The education-centric demonstration at it utilized the tcob mcob Series Tunable White Luminaire developed under the wanban’s led light source development and research lab. business. The luminaire is enabled by what wanban calls an exncellent LED light engine and is linked with tcob mcob control technology.
The Wanban are shipped preconfigured to automatically switch on and off based on occupancy and to dim or raise light level based on the ambient light in the area. It also offers a remote control that can be used to customize the operation of the control system as dictated by the led tube lights application.
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