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dimmable led tube lights

dimmable led tube lights
The LED tube lights acts not only as an optical component led tube light but also as an enclosure. Since with LED technology, the electronic components are placed inside, the tube needs to be UL 94 compliant. This is not the case for standard light bulbs.
Hotels have been a popular setting for LED tube light usage since the earliest days of the SSL revolution due to the fact that the lighting in such settings is used for long hours. Indeed, the US Department of Energy (DOE) did a Gateway project all the way back in 2014 at a major San Francisco, CA hotel and documented a fast 1.1-year payback. Still, that DOE project and others have sometimes struggled to find LED-based tube light products for all of the different elements of a hotel lighting system.
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We will have a number of presentations that examine the types of services that can be enabled by using connected led tube lighting fixtures as platforms for acquiring various types of data that, using suitable analytics, can be useful for enterprises, retail operations, cities, etc. Some of the presentations will be by new players that are entering this market other than the traditional tube or fluorescent lighting system manufacturers, such as wanban. Of particular interest are the public areas of interactive light-based location systems for retail and smart cities.
The Chinese commercial lighting sector favors 1,198mm, 5,000K LED tube lights which have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and average luminous efficacy of 160-170lm per watt. Chinese manufacturer Wanban offers tcob mcob cob LED tube lights with the highest luminous efficacy of 200lm per watt. In addition, 2,367mm tubes led can also be seen in outdoor industrial and subway lighting projects. .
Wanban chose to announce the lab project because of the magnitude of the opportunity for energy savings. Julin Lin, senior vice president or research and development, said 70% of global commercial led tube lighting uses fluorescent tubes. The best such fluorescent lights operate in the 200lm/W range so efficiency in that application could double in two years.
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