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dimmable t8 led

dimmable t8 led
The war in LED lighting business” Red Sea “, how could the older led lighting people survive?
led, tocb, mcob, tubes, lights, lamps, lightings, companies, factory, suppliers, reviewsa: In today’s flourishing lighting industry in recent years, the emergence of many outstanding new generation of entrepreneurs, so that the industry people joy and inspiration. But when our eyes look ahead at the same time, it should not be ignored that the older generation of light industry in quietly, it is that they open up the desert oasis in the industry, a new generation of industry leaders to bring the growth of soil.
In today’s flourishing lighting industry in recent years, the emergence of many outstanding new generation of entrepreneurs, so that the industry people joy and inspiration. But when our eyes look ahead at the same time, it should not be ignored that the older generation of light industry in quietly, it is that they open up the desert oasis in the industry, a new generation of industry leaders to bring the growth of soil. As an entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of life of the lamp industry, has wide authority or lighting directors, general manager of the crown is still sinking With the beginning of the entrepreneurial heart of the endless struggle, the focus to concentrate on doing the T4, T5 that two lamps, chase never change anything because the cause of the dream. Recently, it also came to visit Tsang right, understanding the town lights are local business leader who pursue their own career dreams and perseverance. Never give up finally got bright career life The office has broad rights, I find here is not as glamorous as other beautiful boss’s office, but the table full of spare parts, the full shelf of books can be seen on the business leader who focused their favorite products, all the time Consideration of improvement and innovative technologies. After a few simple greetings, Tsang also open-minded right to talk about the author and his party with his twists and turns light circles the life course. In 1982, Tsang right from the Guangzhou Electronic school, came to town a collectively owned enterprises engaged in research and development of electronic products. After years working career, he has wide authority through their tireless efforts and accumulated a wealth of experience in lighting technology. In 1996, when the T8 fluorescent tube has been widely used, the right has started to develop a wide T4 fluorescent tubes stent, after one year of hard work, he finally got the invention of this product certificate. T4 fluorescent tube holder in the development process, has broad authority persistent character makes every problem he encountered, often through the night, sleepless nights thinking. Not solve the problem of the moment, he never rest. It is because of this never give up pay, Tsang in his right light industry career path finally taking the first step to success. In 1998, the crown or lighting set up, right in the lamp industry has a wide career path officially started. At the same time, he single-handedly built T4 fluorescent tubes stent also began mass production. Even with their own original products, and applied for a patent, but in the media industry is not developed at that time, no one has seen their new product, the consumer will say how good their products? More difficult it is that, when he was only eight employees of the factory, has been widely described as the right not only to be the boss, but also when the technician, but also when the product salesman. In order to make good their practicality T4 fluorescent tube holder household name in the technology sector has a shrewd mind right Tsang had to use the most stupid way to promote their products and services. After completion care priorities on the production, he has wide right and drove his motorcycle, regardless of sun or rain, to major cities in the province of Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan and looking for distributors to sell products. Every time you come to sell a lamp business, he took out his T4 and T8 lamp tube for comparison, so that businesses are recognizing the benefits of their products on the luminous efficiency and energy saving. Although the majority of businesses are refused their products, but never give up the right to have wide opportunity to cooperate with each other, while still leaving a few businesses have donated free product samples, and to invite businessmen to their factory to see samples, doing experiments. Struggling to adhere to the marketing of a few months later, the market finally began to accept businessmen had wide right products, in the group received a number of small orders, Tsang also right with their hard-working legs gradually out of the throes of a start at the beginning . Experienced the pain start at the beginning, the beginning of the 2000s, has finally embarked on the fast track in the wide right of the career path. However, the situation of the vagaries of the domestic lighting industry. In 2002 and 2003, as the industry in mass production of low-cost T4, T5 lamp small businesses appear to suppress the normal T4, T5 lamp manufacturers market space, and had the right to insist on extensive high-quality products, high-priced crown or lighting also on the market was beaten receded. Faced with this predicament, Tsang rights without fear, remained firmly hold the crown lighting up the price and quality of the bottom line, and by Japan, Europe and the United States, Australia, South Korea and other high-end export market to find a new way out of their own business. To find a breakthrough on sales in foreign markets and achieved brand after 2005, crown lighting up in high-quality, high-priced products in the domestic market re-recognized by consumers, regain market initiative. Because with such good alternative ingenious, has wide authority to make the crown or lighting survive in the industry filled with bad breath smoke. Even today, crown lighting up in the town has been settled with the benefit of industrial zones, and has 20,000 square meters of modern plant, with a strong strength in the domestic and export both roads are acting freely go to achieve the right to include Tsang per liter within a person’s career over the crown. At the same time, as T4, T5 lamp founder contribution has wide rights to Chinese lighting industry has made undeniable contributions. For this reason, since 2006, “Yangcheng Evening News”, “the private economy”, “Zhongshan Daily”, “Zhongshan Daily” and other media have spontaneously sent to the provincial authorities to interview Mr Tsang right, let him deeds in the cause of life the entire business community in the province talkative street. 17 years of constant dedication and always in pursuit of a dream life 17 years ago, only had the right to crown lighting up in Guangzhou in the industry do T4, T5 lamp, today, do these two products of the enterprise have been few, many companies have led to these two products, made a set of indoor lighting products. But Tsang right opinion, his heart still belongs to these two products. “To see a lot of industry peers can follow their own pace, and T4, T5 these two products do better than crown lighting up in a better, more professional, I am very pleased, because I had to create these two products the vision is to allow more people to flourish, serve more customers. Although many lighting companies take the road of product diversification, and be successful, but the very best, I was 17 years like a day to do T4, T5 which two products, because they carry a lot of my dream and mission in the industry. “Stern, said Tsang right At the same time, they never hold wide right conservative ideas, but keeping up with the trend of social development and the industry to go their own career path. In recent years, low-carbon energy-efficient LED lighting products being touted in the industry, lighting industry trend strategist had broad authority also clasped the industry turning point. After his bold style of investment in product development and throughout the crown LED lighting business liters team effort, has the right to create a wide range of products with a number of LED light source. These products from the LED package, the patch to the finished production, by supporting the crown or lighting production. LED product launch, so the crown or lighting took another piece of the fast lane, but also the cause of the ideal sublimation Tsang Kwong rights. “For their favorite products does not mean blindly adhere to old-fashioned, but they are constantly improved according to the development trend of the industry to meet consumer demand for new products in the technical performance of the new era, the only way to keep my business will the pace of development of the times, and create more intangible value for their cause and progress of the industry. “Mr Tsang explained so right. On the other hand, later with many business owners have made a brilliant career on Yifu thought enough of life is different, right Tsang also like 17 years ago, like him, at the time idle, never relax your nerves. Factory staff always found him watching over lighting technology books in the office, looking at the hands, lamp parts lost in contemplation. “I have to do every product more valuable, so that more cooperation with our crown or lighting business benefit, so that more consumers benefit. This is what I always want to think about.” Perhaps, because Tsang rights to such products to concentrate on focus, God returns to his career on the road every moment is a highlight. This year, it has broad authority over 50 years old, for many people in this age, is to be almost out of your business platform, when the grandchildren to enjoy. But Tsang right mind, it is still far from this time. “Indeed, nearly 60-year-olds tend to think of retiring, but I always feel that they are engaged in the lighting industry is a lifelong career platform, if the illumination of the older generation who have stepped down, and that is who a new generation of lighting guidelines for the development of the human world? If the lights every human community are holding on to retire the old idea, then the whole lighting industry will certainly fall into the lack of enthusiasm for the cause of everyone in a vicious cycle. Therefore, no problem as long as good health, I will continue to stay in the crown lighting up the cause of the platform, with their 20 years of life experience light industry career guide the younger generation to grow. at the same time, I believe that as long as the original cause of the sinking heart the same, he still We have the opportunity to create greater business value of life, and for the industry to bring greater contribution. “Tsang right track with confidence. In addition, he also stressed the wide right, no matter what, we must be realistic, do not covet vanity. “A lot of people make money, just like opening a luxury car, wearing designer clothes, leave no stone unturned to others show off their power and prestige, but I do not like it, either by car, clothing, or do something else, I have emphasis on practicality, not just to show off. “Tsang right phrase Road. Perhaps it has such a broad right to full upright personal work style, light industry achieved today is worth everyone appreciated career achievement. As an acquaintance of a friend, before I left, right Tsang also took out the phone, so I line a few moments with each other plus other micro letter. Inadvertently, I found him in the micro-channel personalized signature that says “persistent life, constantly seeking to realize the value of life” that a dozen words. Although this personalized signature innocuous, but it has widely traveled career right way of life of a good summary, but also to highlight its endless crowd career dream life. Perhaps his words and deeds will awaken more people to regain the lost light industry business confidence, pursue the ideal of life far higher.
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