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Energy-saving lamps buy attention to seven things

1, many consumers to buy energy-saving lamps are used to the tungsten light bulb power for reference. Most manufacturers will be listed on the packaging of the product itself and the control of the luminosity of similar tungsten filament lamp power. For example, the package has a “15W → 75W” mark, generally referring to the lamp’s actual power of 15W, claiming to emit a luminosity similar to a 75W tungsten bulb.

fluorescent tube lightbulbs
2, some products have energy efficiency in the packaging label. Products meet safety standards, light ready to reach a certain level, the average life expectancy of more than 8000 hours, can be issued labels.

3, part of the energy-saving lamp models are white and yellow light colors for choice. Most people feel psychologically cold white, yellow and warm. To compare the differences between different colors, you can appreciate the showroom. Users can press their personal preferences, choose and home furnishings with the color of light.

4, a number of shops to provide consumers with lamp holder lamp test, try to pay before the first to ensure its normal operation.

5, (non-civil energy-saving lamps) in the purchase of energy-saving lamps, but also consider the technical parameters of electronic ballasts, such as harmonic content, power factor, with filter devices and other indicators. In particular, some large area, high-volume use of energy-saving lamps occasions, we must use low-harmonic, high power factor, with the filter energy-saving lamps, and as many sub-installed a number of power switch to avoid a large number of energy-saving lamps at the same time switch, High-voltage pulse impulse of the power grid, and cause damage.

6, the whole lamp plastic shell, should be selected high temperature flame retardant plastic shell.

7, observe the lamp in the power, whether due to uneven thickness of the phosphor coating and affect the normal lighting of the phenomenon of light.

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