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Energy – saving lamps points

(A) metal halide lamp

Metal halide lamp color rendering index of 80 or more, light efficiency 75 lumens watt or more, color temperature 6000K. Advantage is long life, high luminous efficiency, color is good, energy-saving effect is obvious, is the world’s fourth-generation light source.

(B) of the high-pressure sodium lamp efficiency of 90 to 100 lumens watt, than the mercury lamp and incandescent light effects were 2 times and 7 times higher. Color rendering index 60, less ultraviolet components, not to attract insects, according to the object does not fade, the color temperature is only 2100K.

(C) self-ballasted fluorescent light effect in the 60 lumens watt or more than ordinary incandescent light effect 4 times higher, life of 8000 hours or more.

led tube fixture
(D) double-ended fluorescent lamp (thin diameter) and double-ended fluorescent lamp (thick diameter) compared to 20% longer life expectancy, luminous efficiency increased by 22%, energy saving 10% life up to 10,000 hours.

(E) electronic ballast 40 watts, 20 watts electronic ballast and inductive ballast compared to the savings from the power consumption of 5 watts, respectively, 3 watts, the family with a 20-watt electronic ballast, saving 20 KWh, a 40-watt electronic ballast 60-year saving, in addition to the voltage as low as 130 volts can also Kai-hui.

(F) led lights

LED light is a new light source, color rendering index of 90 or more, luminous efficiency 110 lumens watt, color temperature 4000-6000K. Advantages Long life (more than 50000 hours), energy saving 80%, environmental protection (no UV strobe no heavy metals), color is good. Is the world’s latest light source.

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