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famous students develop new drugs led lamp tube inside the mysterious crystal

In his hometown of Hubei Huanggang, Wang Bo several times to become a street talk about the star characters: Middle School won the national high school chemistry contest final prize two, send a well-known Beijing; 2014 home business, become the focus of local government object.

When once again into the public eye, 33-year-old Wang Bo (pseudonym) chose a very different way.

In his hometown of Huanggang in Hubei, Wang Bo several times to become the star of the street talk about the characters: Middle School won the national high school chemistry contest final prize two, send a well-known Beijing University; 2014 home business, become the focus of local government object.

October 27 morning, his name appears in Huanggang City Public Security Bureau announced the Ministry of Public Security over the manufacture of large, trafficking, smuggling of drugs. Today, Wang Bo is the core of criminal suspects.

Smuggling hundreds of kilograms of state control of the new spirit of active substances (a new drug – press note), illegal profit of 4.5 million yuan, in June this year, Wang Bo and his gang was arrested by the public security organs.

Graduates from a well-known universities in Beijing, return to the star business to the suspect, Wang Bo’s life track why the reversal? In recent days, the China Youth Daily reporter to come to Huanggang Huang visited.

LED lamp inside the mysterious crystal

In Huanggang secondary school’s official website, still can be found, in 2001, Wang Bo to preserve the identity of students into a well-known Beijing Institute of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering.

Huanggang local public reports show that in 2014, as a local government to introduce the “entrepreneurial talent”, Wang Bo returned to Huanggang, a local biotechnology co., Founder of “non-natural amino acids, new anti-cancer drug research and development And production. ” At that time the main leaders of the municipal government also made a special trip to Wang Bo company inspection, high hopes.

This year in June, such a once “business star” quietly perish.

The incident occurred in March this year. Huanggang Municipal Public Security Bureau Huangzhou Branch of the anti-drug brigade and Chen Ce floor of the joint police station to conduct a routine inspection, the company is located in a local chemical plant found in a plant for the production of raw materials such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, . Peripheral understanding of the show, the laboratory staff activities more subtle. Series of secret investigation immediately spread.

At the beginning of June, a message was informed by the Shenzhen police to Huangzhou Public Security Bureau: from Huanggang City Express to Shenzhen Longhua New District, an international logistics company LED lamp, possession of 500 grams of light yellow crystals, suspected drug; Xiao Zhang “, through the QQ and logistics company, asked to ship to Spain, the Netherlands, Poland and other countries.

Two unusual circumstances, whether hidden association? A Huanggang City Public Security Bureau jointly formed by the Huangzhou branch of the task force. Scout officers in three ways, the sender QQ number, Huanggang related courier companies, as well as a local chemical plant Mo Pai.

Survey, suspicious QQ number of users of a household registration in Huangzhou District, a district 29-year-old woman Wu Yun (a pseudonym), and “Zhang” real name, was actually Wang Bo.

Further information display, Wu and Wang Bo is a husband and wife relationship. A chemical plant located in the local production department of Wang Bo rental, and Wang Bo hired a cousin Wang Fei (a pseudonym) and others, in the factory manufacturing suspected drugs.

Seized more than 600 kilograms of new drugs

On June 8, Wang Bo, Wang Bo, Wu Fei, and Wang Fei were arrested in the home of Wang Bo and a local chemical plant.

Police seized 4.6 tons of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, ethyl acetate and other raw materials, seized 611.3 kilograms of suspected drugs, and Wang Bo found in the balcony after more than 20 LED lights.

At the same time seized 3 laptops, retained 55 express orders, as well as extensive use of other information for the U-shield and bank cards.

611.3 kg product in the end is not a drug? Task force to start the trial. Police handling the case, said: “At first, Wang said only that the product is amino acids, not drugs.

However, unlike the general case is that Wang Bo used to contact with the buyer of all correspondence between the Department of English, and contains a large number of chemical formula.

Police immediately invited English teachers to translate, and samples sent to other industrial park chemical doctorate identification, it is difficult to come up with accurate results.

At the same time, another sample was sent to the Ministry of Public Security Narcotics Laboratory laboratory identification. The results showed that the products produced by Wangbo Group were new mental substances controlled by the state.

Research and development sales “through-train” operation

The case led to the Ministry of Public Security, Hubei Provincial Public Security Department attached great importance. Two leaders personally interrogated Wang Bo gang. A set of advertising, contact buyers, procurement of raw materials, development of drugs, smuggling sales, including industrial chain surfaced.

According to the police investigation, from May 2010 to early 2014, Wang Bo and his wife work in a pharmaceutical company in Shanghai, Wang Bo served as research and development team leader, led the team of about 30 people to develop a new psychoactive substances synthesis process , Master the relevant product production technology. Wu Yun was originally in the company responsible for raw materials procurement.

Understand that the foreign demand for such substances in large, high profits, in early 2014, the couple resigned to return home entrepreneurs, the formation of independent production team, sales of new psychoactive substances.

Gang division of labor is very clear. Wang is responsible for the purchase of raw materials through the network, contact logistics sales of products; Wang is responsible for the provision of the process in accordance with Wang Bo, the organization of workers Large-scale production, while also under the guidance of Wang Bo new mental activity of R & D experiments.

Since 2014, Wu Yun gangs from Jiangsu, Shandong, Wuhan and other places of the chemical company to buy raw materials, including the state-controlled precursor chemicals. Production dens are hidden in Wuhan, Huangshi, Huanggang Huangzhou District Industrial Park. After the product is made, the gang again through Huanggang logistics company, sent to Shanghai, Shenzhen international logistics company, smuggling to foreign countries.

A detail is that Wang Bo gang in the logistics through the sale of products to foreign countries, the packaging product name, sender name and phone, are not true information.

According to the police inventory, since 2014, Wang Bo gang through courier companies were sent a ketchicine ketones 630 kilograms, profit nearly 10 million yuan. Among them, the illegal profit of 4.5 million yuan.

It turned out that after October 1, 2015, although the country will be clear 2-methyl-ketocap ketone, 3-methyl methyl ketone ketone, 4-chlorocresol ketone ketone and other products as drugs, Wang Bo gang still in 2015 In November, about 370 kilograms of 4-chlorocaraxone and about 20 kilograms of 2-methylmethac ketone were produced. In March this year, about 600 kilograms of 4-chlorocresolone was produced.

“As a result of the new control directory, October 1, 2015, become the important time in the case of the node.” Huanggang Public Security Bureau anti-drug brigade chief Tan Zuohong introduced, October 1, 2015, the above products are drugs, production , Hold, sell are illegal.

Profits under the crazy

October 27, China Youth Daily Online reporter Wang Bo came to Huangzhou in a chemical plant in the manufacturing base.

Nearly 1,000 square meters of factory buildings, is divided into the hall, laboratories, storage rooms and other space. Hall furnishings of the reactor, trailers, etc., look and the general chemical plant is no different.

In the park management Wang master impression, Wang Bo, the name of the name of the production of common chemicals, with about 10,000 yuan a month rented the workshop, but usually rarely come, about once a month, the workshop is mainly cousin Wang Fei and a few workers come and go, “during the day seems to be lackluster production activities, mainly at night production.”

Park workers have reflected the night came the irritating taste, but were Wang Fei to “belong to normal production, harmless to the human body” as an excuse in the past.

Until after the incident, another detail was caused by Wang master’s attention. Previously, a green, safe production and other aspects of the inspection, Wang Bo’s workshop will be suspended production, the door closed. Wang Bo Wang Fei brothers rarely with other park personnel.

Reporter learned that the gang 3 main staff, not only Wang Bo has a bright academic background, Wu Yun and Wang Fei is also a university graduate, graduated from a university in Hunan pharmaceutical engineering, Hubei Institute of Materials Chemistry. Among them, 29-year-old Wu Yun, Wang Fei, 26 years old.

June 9 this year, three people were arrested for drug-related criminal detention; July 15, Huangzhou District People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest.

October 26, in Huanggang City Detention Center, the reporter saw the tall and thin Wang Bo, his speech is very clear thinking.

In his view, learning for themselves, since childhood is not a difficult thing, especially chemistry, it is not laborious to learn. The third year of last semester, he won the prize by the smooth delivery of a well-known Beijing University.

After graduating from college, Wang Bo, a state-owned enterprises in Hunan had a brief job, but soon resigned. Later, he went to Shanghai to work for several years. In 2013, the child was born, the couple bought a house in Shanghai.

Multi-source also shows that in the local, Wang Bo from his childhood home was excellent, his father was a civil servant. Excellent academic performance, so that Wang Bo was once in the local children as a “benchmark.” Why did he embark on such a road?

Police investigation, Wang Bo had found that 3 – methyl – methyl ketone ketone with a drug molecular structure is very similar, but not sure is not a drug. Wang Bo had consulted several friends, are not recommended to produce. However, Wang Bo “after the query that the product is not regulated in China, does not belong to drugs, but also a great profit margins.” In fact, just more than a year of profits, let Wang Bo home with Mercedes-Benz SUV and other high-end items, there are more than 50 million US dollars in foreign banks.

Earlier this year, the customer asked him to use LED lighting products, he “has suspected, but he did not query to October 1, 2015 after the product has been listed.

However, in contradiction with this statement, a Wang Bo and foreign customers in October 21, 2015 between the message, in the bargain with the buyer, Wang has “we may be tracked, it is now in China is a high-risk chemical products “and other statements.

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