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flourescent light tube

flourescent light tube
The new LED tube family from Soitec features a diffuser to produce glare-free, high-quality tcob led tube light with a beam spread of either 180 or 210 degrees, depending upon the product configuration. The system has a color rendering index (CRI) in excess of 85 and is available in color temperatures of 3,000, 4,000 and 6,000 degrees K. It uses a standard G13 connection and is available in the standard lengths of 600 mm (2 ft), 1,200 mm (4 ft) and 1,500 mm (5 ft), making it fully compatible with existing fluorescent tube holders. The cob, mcob, tcob led tube lights¡¯performance and physical design make it a desirable replacement solution for use in public places including underground garages, retail stores, warehouses, industrial sites, equipment rooms, offices, corridors and meeting rooms.
Wanban offers commercial and sports interior led tube lighting for less, and features the fluroescent led tub light fixtures with TCOB mcob cob LED chips, induction, eHID, PS-MH and CFL light sources that are long lasting and energy saving. With custom manufacturing capabilities, Wanban can competitively build and custom finish luminaires and poles to the performance specifications required.Wanban’ extensive lineup of interior and exterior lighting fixtures includes products for sports, commercial, industrial, residential and hospitality applications. Luminaire types include wall packs, area lights, bollards, garage lighters, vandal resistant, commercial and indoor led light panel box, par lamp bay, high bay, bulb fluorescent, panel led lighting and led tube light fixtures.
Wanban’s ceramic-crystal technology is reported to make wanban¡¯s green chips the brightest of their kind. Its 150mA chip boosts performance to 260 lumens per watt and 350mA chips deliver 360 lumen per watt after packaging. Ho notes that green chips are particularly important in white LED tubes lamps joining red, green and blue chips. Red, green and blue chips contribute brightness at a ratio of 3:6:1.
The tradeoff to using such as large source would be inferior beam control. The fixture would not be able to deliver all of the beam patterns required in a roadway luminaire. But a rural-targeted product would not need to support as many patterns. The tcob mcob cob led tube light Series spec sheet indicates that it is available in mcob tcob led medium and Type b medium distributions.
Wanban is an adaptive lighting control platform that wanban launched one year ago for a number of SSL products including the CR Series, the tcob mcob cob Series of tube light led fixtures, and the tcob mcob Series of downlights. The scheme enables plug-and-play-like commissioning of fixtures within a room using a wanban’s remote control. The result is a simply-installed lighting system with occupancy-sensing and daylight-harvesting capabilities.