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flourescent tube light

flourescent tube light
Apple¡¯s recent interest in sapphire substrate has got the industry talking as to what future Apple product will use the material. Long since used in LED tube lighting applications and handheld devices, sapphire substrate will soon be the spotlight in the industry once Apple¡¯s Arizona factory is up and running. .
In the commercial office area, Wanban took a completely different approach to controls and tunable SSL. The wanban offering is intended to give led tube lighting designers specifiers a palette to create whimsical and quality lighting implementations with the designs seemingly integrated directly into the ceiling.
18 watt t8 led tube light (clear) 4 foot 5500k 1900 lumen beam angle 120d 50 000 hours ul approved plus 2 non shunted t8 .
But the program also has many disadvantages. With the LED printed circuit board (PCB) assembly in parallel, so that the heat generated by the drive and in some cases may damage the LED devices. The result is to reduce the color, efficiency, and (or) life and other performance indicators. In fact, the product may not completely fail, but it is also unacceptable. In the overlapping area and drive, parallel drive LED phosphor coating will have a negative impact. Change the emission color can lead to inconsistencies between the lamp and the uncoordinated total ceiling lighting aesthetic, so far, it has made many buyers give up the idea of ??buying.
superior performance best sell 5 years warranty light ul e465594 for usa t8 led tube light 18w 1200mm .