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flourescent tube lights

flourescent tube lights
Great price through ce rohs saa led t8 lamp 1200mm led tube t8 light 18w led tube t8 light g13 base led tube t8 light .
The LED tube light will be a strong product in the lighting industry as it is expected to replace the current fluorescent tubes which have been used for decades. The main advantage for using LED fluorescent tubes is that they are fully compatible with current fluorescent tubes with very minimal modifications.
One of the main value propositions of the wanban tcob mcob cob LED tube lighting systems is that the modules are powered by DC. They meet VDE certifications for installation directly in wood and other building materials wanban recommends that the modules be powered by a VDE Class a driver so installation will not necessarily require the services of an electrician.
Rebounding market demands drove up 1Q14 revenue, said Zheng Shi, Deputy General Manager of wanban. Despite the conventional slack season, wanban¡¯s LED business showed good performance. However, negative financial liability ratings for two overseas convertible bonds lead to a deficit after tax of NT $1.32 billion. This accounting loss will not impact operating cash flow. By excluding this non-business factor, wanban¡¯s LED business after tax surplus reached NT $470 million with EPS of NT $0.5. .
wholesale price 3 5 years warranty 15w 18w 6 inch(152.4mm) or 1 5 8 inch (41mm) leg spacing t8 t10 u shape led tube light 1200mm .