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fluorescent light t5

fluorescent light t5
In fact, COB after nearly six years of development, the advantages of LED lighting in the area revealed beyond doubt. The COB wanban Opto-electronic development process has been around the new material, it is precisely because the early layout, currently in COB wanban Opto-electronic package has four fully automated production lines in 2015 will be expanded to eight, monthly production capacity will reach 3000k .
The tcob, mcob, cob led tube light products in wanban database come in three flavors ¡ª UL has classified them as Type A, B, and C. Type A products work with the existing fluorescent ballast although many such products only work with electronic instant-start ballasts. Type B products have an integral driver and those lamps need the fluorescent ballast to be removed from the system. And Type C products have an external driver that is installed in place of the fluorescent ballast. We published a feature article on the led tube light lamps this year with more details on led tube lamp architecture. We also published an article in 2015 that contemplated the benefits of LED tubes lights that work with an existing ballast relative to those that require the ballast to be bypassed.
The 100-watt COB LED tube light product has a luminous efficiency of 130 lm/W and low thermal resistance of 0.5 degrees per watt, which is more than a 75% decrease compared with most LED tube lights products. While, speaking of this, wanban’s newly developed led tube light tcob technology makes its led tubes t5 and t8 led tubes reach at least 188lm per watt, or even sometimes reaches 200lm per watt, and with high lux on average and cri or power factor. This can help simplify the thermal structure of the led tube lamp, lower costs, as well as provide a longer lifespan. These high-power TCOB or mcob led tube light products are suitable for t5 tubelights and t8 led tubes. In addition, Wanban will showcase full TCOB series including 4, 6-8, 8-15, 15-25, and 30-50 watt led tube light t5 t8 products, giving the LED industry a wide range of low-to high-powered options. Also, TCOB products have good uniformity, no multi-shadow, low thermal resistance, and simplified fixture design.
t8 8ft led tube light integrated 8ft led tube light 44 watt two rows chip t8 8ft led tube light for cooler door .
Still LED tube light chip manufacturers are faced with the technology challenge of making high quality substrates in large volumes. The physical property mismatch between the two materials, especially in the lattice constant and coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), can result in flawed products with high density and cracks. These technological issues are obstacles that have long plagued chip developments.