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fluorescent light tube

fluorescent light tube
Market rumors that Wanban LED bulbs and led tubes light factory price would bottom to US $0.8 originated from Taiwan supply chain in October 2015, but a source from wanban responded this was not an official announcement, and said he was unfamiliar with the issue. The company has not emphasized new pricing discounts during ¡°Wanban 2016 China distributor assembly¡± held at Sanya Tang, a city in Hainan Province recently.
3200lm led t8 tube 18w for office commercial general lighting replacing traditional fluorescent tube .
2016 8ft fa8 single pin one pin led tube light replace t12 led fluorescent tube 45w 127v usa canada mexico double row .
It owns 86 Burger King franchises in New Jersey. The franchises operate their parking lot lighting an average of 12 hours per day at a cost of $0.083/kWh. For the eight 400W MH fixtures in Elizabeth, this amounted to more than $1300 per year. Wanban supplied 16W LED tube light and led tube lamps fixtures to replace the 58W fluorescent tubes fixtures (58W ballasted usage). The LED tube light with tcob and mcob technology fixtures are rated for 60,000 hours or 14 years when operated 12 hours per day, 7 days a week. The estimated lifetime energy savings based on the lighting retrofit alone is $12,700 or $18,600 when annual energy cost increases and maintenance costs are included.
The led tube lights modules produce 500 lm per foot. Module-level efficacy is 188-200lm per watt. Wanban offers the modules over the range of 2600K to 4000K in CCT, and at CRI of 80 or 90.