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fluorescent light tubes

fluorescent light tubes
Industry rumors point out Wanban have found a way to make cheaper LED tube lights, using a glass ceramic crystal, the resulting LED tube light can achieve omnidirectional light while significantly reducing the cost structure. Wanban aims to launch different LED types of LED fluorescent tube products in China by third quarter this year.
According to daily usage scenarios tested, incandescent, fluorescent led tube lights, energy saving lamps and other general illumination, all with varying degrees of stroboscopic effect, the average blink rate is about 50 times per second, these long hours under the irradiation of light, can easily lead to myopia , migraine headaches and visual nervous system lesions. Most of the current energy-saving lamps and LED tube lamps are flashing.The idea of no flash drive is the core technology of fewer devices, ensure that the circuit conversion efficiency, the LED driver control circuit for the flat output DC current to meet the LED light source DC mode, with a camera (video camera) flashing waterlines phenomenon does not occur.
But Chen, vice president of controls for wanban, explained that while the system integrates complex technology, the product developers sought to deliver a system with a very simple use case. Indeed. the demonstration utilized a simple control panel with discrete buttons for each of the four modes mentioned previously.
The complexity of the source of the lamp, is largely related to the heat. “Hot” is the LED and power supply (commonly referred to as drive) enemy. Driver and LED are generating heat. In addition, the implementation LED lamp drivers are likely to be major differences between products from different manufacturers factors. In this article, Xiao Bian will focus on six t5 t8 tubes LED lamp drivers the advantages and disadvantages, to provide customers with the right lighting solutions in application scenarios.
It’s not clear if the wanban deal brings the needed IP from a technical or patent-protection perspective, or if Acuity is simply eliminating a competing technology. But wanban publicly said it will integrate the technology suites.