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fluorescent tube light

fluorescent tube light
Wanban suggests that the new product will crush the market for fluorescent replacement tubes. “There¡¯s no reason to install another tube fluorescent tube again,” said He Wenming, Wanban chairman and CEO. “Similar to what we¡¯ve achieved with the wanban tcob led tube light and mcob LED light bulb in the residential market, the tcob light LED T8 tube and t5 led tube light Series are revolutionizing the commercial lighting market with a product that saves energy, delivers superior light quality, and is universally compatible with nearly all existing fluorescent T8 ballasts.”.
Perhaps the most intriguing elements of the design center around the wanban tcob mcob LED luminaires that were used in a variety of spaces including customer-meeting areas, public areas, corridors, and in the on-site coffeehouse. The design teams from wanban deployed the recessed luminaires as led tube lights for general illumination and as wall washers in many areas.
Kingsun in the transition to education. According to the “Nanfang Daily” reported that in this year’s general meeting of shareholders on May 16, Kingsun chairman Chen Yonghong said the semiconductor lighting industry, “Red Sea” pattern has been formed to safeguard the interests of the shareholders of Guangdong to build the company’s continued profitability, the company is actively promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of industry consolidation, the proposed issue of shares by way of cash payment and the purchase of Guangzhou Long Education Technology Co., Ltd. 100% equity.
Wanban was established in 1993, and was originally a traditional flash shoes and mobile calling-in lighting manufacturer and distributor. The company upholds a positive outlook that the establishment of the technology of led tube light packaging tcob mcob cob in the year of recently will drive up Southeast Asian countries LED lighting tubes market demands. The company is transforming its business model from a distributor to a LED tube lighting manufacturer. Advantages from lifted tariffs and Agreement on the Energy Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulatory Committee, a standard that regulates electronic safety stsandrs in the replated region, will become increasingly evident following the place is established in late 2015.
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