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fluorescent tube light bulb

fluorescent tube lightbulb
Wanban tcob mcob cob T8 LED tube lights, Wanban delivers tube fixture designed for LED tubes,Outdoor Lighting Modules Can Be Tailored to Any Need, tcob mcob led light products with Ergonomic Designs, Wanban launches LED tube lights t5, PAR38 lamps, T8 replacement led tube lights, About Wanban,you can search more about it on the internet or its official website.
fujian factory taiwan mcob cobtcob led t8 tube led tube8 1200mm price led tube light t8 with 3 5 years warranty .
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Wanban explained its poor revenue performance was caused by ¡°market developments that led to lowered product retail prices, declining gross margins and shrinking profits.¡± From the reasons cited can it be inferred that wanban is preparing for another price war in led tube lights and other led lights business?.
A specialist in surface mount technology (SMT) and Top-chip-on-board (TCOB) packaging for single-chip and multi-chip emitters, Wanban has licensed a patented SMT and TCOB technology and a patented phosphor conversion technology from the third party authorities. According to the company¡¯s general manager for led tube lights branching into other energy-saving lighting sectors based on its self-sufficient technology and through strategic alliances. Also, the company is reportedly venturing into ceramic crystal LED-chip manufacturing by investing US$80 million in is labs, a manufacturer of high-power LED chips packaging and professional commercial led lightings.