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from what aspects will the lighting affect work efficiency

In addition to unreasonable sleep time, a lot of time, affect your work efficiency is not a physiological factor, and the work efficiency is not a matter of time, but the work efficiency is not a matter of physiological factors, but a lot of people do not have this feeling, a week there are so four or five days in the office are drowsy, Is the light from the mischief, do the office lights, so you always full of energy!

Well, Xiao Bian to brutally tell you, no matter how your weekend, your weekend balance has been used, tomorrow, please adjust the alarm clock to work on time

Speaking of work, many people do not have such a feeling, a week there are always four or five days in the office are drowsy, in addition to unreasonable sleep time, a lot of time, affect your work efficiency is not a physiological factor, but lighting From the work, do a good job of office lighting, so you always in high spirits!

Help me up, I can work overtime!

Then affect your work status of the light factors are what? Do not worry, dry goods delivery:

1, color temperature

Why the office should not use warm light, because the warm light gives a warm feeling, a long time in this light is easy to make people drowsy, reduce work efficiency. The bright cool lighting, it is more conducive to concentrate and improve work efficiency.


Figure: Warm office

Imagine, the bedroom of this warm lighting design moved to your office, how would you do? Anyway, I just want to buy a bed.


Figure: Cool color office

Change the map, is not feeling completely different, bright, clean, simple light environment makes it easier to enter the working state.

So, what kind of office color temperature it?

The previous study and the view that the choice of color temperature and comfort between the relationship shown below:


So in accordance with the current standards of illumination, usually office lighting will choose about 4000K color temperature. But there is also a new academic study on visual physiology and psychology that does not exist between color temperature and visual comfort. We can own discretion, Xiaobian not authoritative point of view that the relationship is still established.

2, illumination

Illumination meaning

Illumination, often used in indoor lighting design terms, refers to the extent to which the object is illuminated, using the unit area of ​​the luminous flux that is expressed in units of “Lux” (Lux, lx). Specifically, 1 Lux is equal to the amount of light that is projected on a square meter surface by a candle from 1 meter. 10 Lux is equal to 10 candles from 1 meters to the surface of the object to project the number of light. Illumination is based on the luminous flux received by the vertical plane as the standard, if the tilt illumination decreases illumination.

Here, the “office illumination” refers to the brightness of the office lighting.

Illumination high color temperature low space will make people feel very hot, and illumination low color temperature high space will produce dull tired mood. In high color temperature but low illumination environment in the office, people tend to feel gloomy fatigue, reduce work efficiency.


Too low office lighting will make people sleepy.


Figure: low illumination, glare, the overall dark, partial glare, people in this environment is very easy to lethargy, but glare glare smallpox will let you sleep, so that the office the most grinding! This design is the most goods!

Then the office should be how to improve the illumination of more scientific it? We first talk about the level of illumination with what factors.

Space illumination with what level?

Generally the same light source, the light source from the light farther away, the illumination surface of the smaller illumination; light from the light surface closer to the illumination surface of the illumination. In addition, the distance between the light source and the light surface under certain conditions, the vertical illumination and oblique comparison, the vertical illumination of illumination; the more inclined light, the smaller the illumination.

That the Office of the level of illumination with what? Many people think that the first reaction with the number of lamps, the brightness of the lamp itself, of course, this is also a related factor. The more lights, the brighter, you can increase the luminous flux, enhance the office illumination. In addition to the lights, there are other factors, such as the height of the suspension, the area and shape of the space, the color of the walls, the ceiling and floor, and the cleanliness.

3, blue light hazards

LED era, so that the color temperature changes become a reality. When it comes to LED, we may think of a popular term: Blu-ray hazards, although this is not unique to the LED.

So what is the blue light hazard?

We first look at Zhang map:


Blu-ray hazards of blue light mainly refers to the 464 nm wavelength of light. Modern science found that the human eye of the three visual cells are more sensitive to blue light, and this light from the physiological inhibition of melatonin production, people are more excited and not sleepy (melatonin secretion will People drowsiness).

Can be seen from the figure, the incidence of Blu-ray angle on the human body. It is noteworthy that the reflection glare of the Blu-ray components will have an uncomfortable impact on the human body (that we see the reflection of 464 nm light blue object, is not uncomfortable? This small series is not made, we Can be self-experiment).


Blu-ray will produce harm, in fact, not a qualitative problem, but a quantitative problem, you need to see the light source spectrum contained in the number of blue components. Because, in the sun already contains a blue component. The figure is the natural light, the body in the day produced by the hormone cortisone and melatonin changes in the curve (hormone cortisone can stimulate the body’s metabolism).

So, the problem is coming!

(1) How do people judge whether a light source produces a blue light hazard?

Xiaobian suggested that designers choose the light source, the use of relatively professional approach: see light source spectrum, and compared with the daylight spectrum analysis. This can help you choose, especially for now on the market, good and bad LED light source, obviously the blue component is too high do not choose 啦 ~ ~

In addition, we have experience, marking the same color temperature of different manufacturers of light, or the same manufacturer of different types of light, our visual perception is not the same. One of the reasons is that the label itself may have a problem, there is we are using the relevant color temperature to mark, the same color temperature of the light source, the spectral composition of the difference. Therefore, the light source spectrum is the most fundamental solution.

(2) If the lack of blue light component (or lack of) will not affect people in the work of the state?

The answer is: Yes! Why do people in many places of the lights drowsy? Low-temperature environment is more prone to distress? Xiaobian think this has a certain relationship. Solution, or see the light source spectrum!

The following figure shows the spectral curves of the spectral components when the solar spectrum shows different color temperature. We can see the principle of color temperature and compare it with the light source spectrum. The best way to evaluate the color of the light source is through the spectral analysis ):


Back to the Blu-ray issue. Since blue light can make people have different physiological responses, then, how to rational use of this physiological response, the designer is worth thinking about.

Two things that matter. Blu-ray will produce more physiological harm, less will reduce the efficiency of Blu-ray, seeking the balance between the two is the usual sense of the best choice.

But everything has a special case: on the three major shifts of the workplace, improve the composition of Blu-ray, thereby inhibiting the production of human melatonin, people remain excited to ensure that employees focus on work. Although contrary to people’s physiological needs, but it is a necessary design. This is also the reason why nighttime places, especially in control rooms and factories, often use high color temperature light sources.

from what aspects will the lighting affect work efficiency

However, the usual place to work, or human nature is better, if in order to stimulate the staff and use similar to the following figure is too high color temperature light source, Xiao Bian think on the heart tired na ~

4, lighting requirements

Office of the lighting requirements are divided into the following areas:

1, the appropriate light source color temperature and color rendering index: in the office in the general choice> 4000K color temperature, color rendering index selection Ra ≥ 75.

2, the lighting level: different environments, different places, the lighting requirements are different, office lighting should meet the use requirements, generally 300-1000lx.

3, lighting uniformity: a reasonable arrangement of lamps, so that uniform illumination, so that the largest office, minimum illumination and the average illuminance difference is less than the average of 1 3.

4, comfort and glare control: in the field of vision is too high or too large brightness ratio, it will make people feel glare glare. Measures to prevent glare is to limit the brightness of light source, the rational arrangement of light. If the light source in the line of sight more than 45 degrees, the formation of shading angle or opaque material to block the light source.

5, security: the main consideration of the safety of lighting structures, electrical safety, lighting is in line with national standards, such as through 3C certification.

6, energy saving and environmental protection: the selection of high efficiency light source, high efficiency, long life, with reasonable light lamps, high performance, long life accessories.

Office of the illumination uniformity of the illumination there are certain requirements, but not the more uniform the better, the appropriate changes in illumination can ease the atmosphere of the entire office decoration design. For general lighting, the minimum illuminance and the average illuminance value ratio should not be less than 0.7 and the working surface adjacent to the surrounding illumination ratio should not be less than 0.5.

ge led tube lights

With both general lighting and local lighting, non-working area of ​​the average illumination should not be less than half of the work area, and not less than 200lx. For two adjacent areas, the ratio of the average illuminance between the office and its edge can not exceed 5: 1, and the illuminance of the lower area is at least 150 lx. Otherwise in the office prone to strong shading contrast changes, so that the human eye in the lighting environment in the work of visual fatigue.

Of course, in addition to lighting, daily plenty of sleep time to ensure that the general lack of sleep time, has become a common problem of modern people, with the nightlife has become a culture, our average time to sleep from 9 in the 90s to the present 12 Point (of course, this data is still relatively conservative) Speaking so much, is to say to you: the body is the capital of the revolution. Less stay up all night, more exercise, develop a good lifestyle habits is essential! Well, do not pull with you, I will go to the code word.

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