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guangzhou led show come to an end the characteristics of new duang non-stop

March 4, “2016 Guangzhou International Intelligent Advertising Logo and LED Exhibition” successfully concluded, it is learned that the exhibitors Jinqian Jia, display the total size of 80,000 square meters, attracted nearly 60 countries and regions from around the world, a total of 60,000 Many participants! During the exhibition, the organizers and a number of industry associations and well-known enterprises jointly held a number of peak

Compared with a series of colorful LED products, the United States Ge Lang uncharacteristically, showing all the panel light products. Meigang’s staff told the author that this year the company’s main energy are on the panel lights, LED panel lights to the present, the product has a cost advantage to the edge, this year will be a major trend. MAGANG panel lights are mainly exported to foreign countries, and passed the UL certification, performance reached the world leading level. Products are widely used in major shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping centers, schools, office buildings, hotels, industrial and mining, parking and other public lighting, commercial lighting, large space lighting. Lei Shi Po lighting: lighting is committed to new areas of plants

guangzhou led show come to an end the characteristics of new duang non-stop

Company Manager Lin Xing policy told the author, the company and university agricultural research institutions, is committed to different wavelengths of light in the promotion of plant growth and structure of the research, has been produced to adapt to different plants in different growth stages of the required functional control LED Products, mainly used in photosynthetic farms and other new areas. Lin Xingze said that at present, Lei Shi Bao LED lighting plant in Ningxia, Shantou promotion, used in greenhouse cultivation, flower cultivation and other fields, this year plans to focus on the promotion of Hunan, Sichuan.

Self-developed and patented corn cob lamp in the show by the popular. The corn on the lamp body with a metal material, 360-degree luminous range so that it is not only in the shape of a unique application range is very wide. This product wattage from 6W-30W range, whether in the outdoors or indoors can be a very good application.

The company developed the optical media curtain at the show just on the debut, it attracted many eyeballs. This transparent screen is the recent rise of a screen, suitable for outdoor large-scale advertising panels, stage background and other fields. Product-driven hiding inside the curtain plate, with a light weight, easy to run features. Compared to the traditional outdoor advertising screen, optical media curtain is not only a wider range of mapping, content reduction is more realistic, but also create a 3D effect.

And the exhibition hall, most of the LED lighting business is similar to Nanpu from Zhongshan Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. Nampo booth with exquisite small gesture to show in front of everyone, the company not only exhibited high-power LED wall washer, floodlights and other landscape Lighting products have their own characteristics, as well as spotlights, bulbs, downlights, track lights and other home, hotel lighting products and large DMX control system. Its responsible person said that although this exhibition products are LED display for the mainstream, but lighting products can still be attracted to many customers.

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