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How to implement LED lighting project

Edison invented the light bulb has been a hundred years of history, and in this long time inside, the bulb for its low price advantage has been dominated by the lighting market. Until the emergence of fluorescent energy-saving lamps, it marks the second-generation lighting products dominance, now 90% of the lighting are using fluorescent energy-saving lamps to illustrate this point. Fluorescent energy-saving lamps have been around for decades, then the third generation of light when the arrival of it? In fact, he has quietly entered the people’s vision, it is LED lamps.

The world is in the environmental protection and energy saving floods, LED lighting ready to come out, LED with no tribute without pollution, energy saving and many other advantages to complete the fluorescent energy-saving lamps, then the LED lamps will become the third generation of human light it? Fang Tian technology that the price is the development of LED lighting, a stumbling block, LED lighting, when to replace the fluorescent energy-saving lamps to see when the price of LED down, only the price down, product quality and stability in order to the current stage of fluorescent energy-saving lamps dominate the market Grab over it.

Now the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance to push more energy-efficient, longer life LED lights, let it replace the roads, squares, stadiums and other public places old lamps, and then enter the family. For a time, domestic enterprises to build LED lamps swarmed, for business opportunities. However, in addition to the government’s tender items, the enterprise independent replacement of LED lamps and not much, the main reason is that consumers do not trust LED lamps, do not understand.

This is mainly due to the current stage of LED lighting industry standard has not been designated, resulting in the quality of LED lighting products on the market uneven, consumers are hard to buy assured products. In particular, some enterprises and shopping malls with lights, if all the replacement, then thousands, as many as thousands. This is the design to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of the purchase amount, so consumers will not trade to try.

Know the concerns of consumers later, manufacturers why to develop a win-win cooperation model – energy-saving divided. What is the energy-saving is divided, as the name suggests is the manufacturer responsible for all or most of the lamps to buy, install and future maintenance costs, and during the cooperation period enterprises to save the electricity manufacturers to share their own part.

Let us count an account to a small supermarket, for example, the original use of the 40W T8 fluorescent lamp, the daily lighting time is 14 hours. Then the annual electricity consumption is 204400 kWh, according to a dollar / degree calculation, then the annual electricity bill is 204400 yuan. According to the brightness of the lamp, we use the 18W T8LED lamp instead of the original 40W fluorescent lamp, then the annual electricity consumption is 91980 kWh, electricity is 91980 yuan a year to save electricity as high as 112420 yuan.

Then the supermarket can take a buyout method. The company’s T8120CM18WLED fluorescent warranty for three years, the price of 105 yuan a purchase price is 105,000 yuan. In fact, a buyout, then a year to save electricity has been higher than the procurement costs, because the lamp warranty for 3 years, coupled with LED lamps relatively stable, very few damage, 3 years which not only help save electricity up to 33,760 yuan, as well as routine maintenance Cost, replacement of lamps, ballasts and so on. A conservative estimate of three years down for the supermarket to save about more than 250,000 yuan.

If the supermarket is worried about a large investment, worried about product quality and credit, then you can take energy-saving sharing model. The initial purchase costs of 105,000 yuan by the enterprise to bear, after the cooperation period to three years.

One year to save electricity 112420 yuan, the first year manufacturers accounted for 80%, the second year manufacturers accounted for 60%, the third year manufacturers accounted for 40%. So that manufacturers can save money from where the money received 202,356 yuan. And enterprises can save electricity from where to get 1349040 yuan. Manufacturers to deduct the initial purchase price, installation costs, after more than the original profit of 80,000 yuan; and enterprises also save a maintenance fee, the second purchase fee, etc., plus energy-saving costs about 150000 or so benefit, this is undoubtedly A win-win situation.

Enterprises, shopping malls can choose according to their own situation of cooperation model, but no matter what mode to cooperate, consumers in the LED lighting replacement works which are acting as a winner of the role, in addition to the corresponding national energy-saving emission reduction call In addition, but also help enterprises save a large amount of money. I believe that there will be no business that LED lighting replacement works of the heart, not as good as action it, such as cooperation, please contact us Tian Tian technology.

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