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huizhou 2600 public institutions saving 30 million degrees

June 13 to 19 this year for the National Energy Conservation Week, June 15 for the national low-carbon day, in June for the Guangdong Province, energy-saving publicity month. The theme of the activities are “energy saving and frugality”, “low carbon city livable sustainable” and “green energy to improve quality development.”

To further promote energy-saving low-carbon activities, popularization of energy-saving carbon reduction common sense, promotion of energy-saving new technologies and new products, cultivate energy-saving behavior of low-carbon habits, with immediate effect, the newspaper will open “energy-saving green development focus on Huizhou city public institutions energy Publicity month “section. Please note that the majority of readers.

Energy saving measures

City Administration Center parking vehicles reduced by one third

Yesterday 9:30, the reporter went to the city administrative center found that, unlike in the past, there are many parking platform on the free parking spaces, usually long parked here full of cars. Into building 1, which has two out of four elevators, building corridor lights, hall lights have been extinguished, many government officials have chosen to take the stairs. Visit, the reporter also found that many of the windows of the office open. Asked under the only learned that, in response to the “National Low-carbon Day”, the city administrative center to take the lead in power, air conditioning, energy-saving office, to encourage people not to drive to work. “Walking to get off work not only to exercise, but also save fuel costs, do both.” Staff Mr. Wang said with a smile. Staff Liu said: “Usually take the elevator used to, all of a sudden power outages really a bit inconvenient, but this experience so I know how to cherish energy.

It is understood that low-carbon day, only the city administrative center 8 elevator outage 4, also stopped the use of air conditioning, but also to encourage staff not to drive, and choose to ride or take public transport to get off work. Compared to the past, the same period of parking vehicles reduced by one third.

This reporter learned that the day of the national low-carbon day, the city’s public institutions to carry out energy-saving experience and low-carbon green travel activities, advocate office staff to reduce disposable supplies consumption, reduce standby energy consumption of office equipment to carry out air conditioning, Public area lighting and other experience activities; in the public sector units at the gate hanging energy-saving promotional activities on the subject of propaganda slogans, posters, posters; encourage public transport, cycling or walking to get off work. We have to low-carbon office mode and green travel experience the energy shortage, to support energy-saving emission reduction.

3,000 official vehicles shut down to save nearly 25,000 liters of oil

According to the Municipal Authority Authority, Ru, deputy director of the Yu-yu, this year’s national low-carbon and Guangdong Province, the theme of energy-saving publicity on the “low-carbon city livable” and “energy-saving quality green development.” Yesterday, the city’s organs and units in addition to the engine room and other special places, the use of air-conditioning and closed public areas such as lighting to close the energy shortage experience, and actively practice the “135” green low-carbon travel program, 1 km walk, within 3 km Bicycles, 5 km by public transport, to support energy-saving emission reduction.

According to statistics, the day, the city’s more than 2,600 public institutions than usual to save electricity about 30 million degrees; the city stopped about 3,000 official vehicles, vehicle oil can save nearly 2.5 million liters.

However, “energy-saving office” is only a small step in the city’s public institutions.

Xu Haidong, director of Municipal Authority Affairs Bureau, told reporters, the next, the city’s public institutions will implement more energy-saving measures. For example, LED lighting transformation; green water valve, domestic water use intelligent switch valve; large energy users to install intelligent monitoring system platform transformation, real-time monitoring of the region’s electrical equipment, analysis and statistics and so on. “Not only to raise awareness of energy conservation, but also in the implementation of comprehensive technical energy-saving hardware.”

In addition, the city authorities Authority also organized the “energy-saving products into the organs” and “new energy vehicle test drive experience” activities. Xu Haidong said that through these activities, to further promote energy-saving knowledge, so that we understand the energy-saving products, and hope that authorities can consciously take the lead in the use of energy-saving products, the public play an exemplary role.

Energy saving experience

Location: City Administrative Center

Authorities staff to buy energy-saving products on-site

“Yesterday, the Municipal Administration Center Building 1 atrium filled with a wide range of energy-saving products, there are different styles of LED energy-saving lamps, energy-saving switch, air to water heater … … the original, the city authorities Bureau of Management organized eight companies set up stalls here, held a new energy-saving products, new knowledge, photo exhibitions, energy-saving knowledge consulting, and energy-saving products in kind exhibition.

It is understood, LED lighting products can save up to 70% of the electricity, and the activities of the most energy-efficient lighting products only 3W, but can achieve the effect of ordinary incandescent 25W. Government staff in a stall before a lot of energy-saving lighting products have an interest in sales staff to consult a number of issues. Eventually, he bought a small LED flashlight and an LED bulb.

“LED lighting products at home with a good, energy saving, although the price is high, but the use of a long time.” Mr. Yang said he was a loyal LED lighting products.

According to a stall of energy-saving products stall revealed that the “energy-saving products into the organs” activities, they also introduced a special offer, the product sales by the promotion price, the price is about 20% off the market price, but also provide on-site installation service.

In a number of lighting energy-saving products in the booth, a few meters tall cylindrical column “monster” is very eye-catching. This reporter learned that it is called air to water heaters. According to sales of the person in charge of the product, its power consumption is small, 1 degree of electricity is equivalent to ordinary water heaters with 4 degrees of electricity, and the constant temperature effect is good, does not occur when bathing high and low water temperature situation. The official said he had done experiments at home, a family of four to use the water heater, the monthly cost of electricity in the bath about 100 yuan, an average of less than 25 yuan per person.

Location: Hui City

New energy vehicles can save 7 cents per kilometer

Yesterday at 9 am, Hui City Government Building 1 in front of the test drive a new energy vehicle activities, attracting many people stop to watch and experience. “The first test drive a new energy vehicles, the feeling is no different from ordinary cars.” Just finished the test drive new energy vehicles Miss Yu told reporters that compared with ordinary cars, new energy vehicles operating on the same, do not need special Adaptive learning.

“The use of new energy vehicles can save 7 cents per kilometer of oil.” Miss Yu happy to say that the new energy vehicles because there is no displacement can also be exempted from vehicle tax and travel tax, very exciting.

In addition, the site also shows solar power generation equipment. Activities of the staff told reporters that at present, they produce solar power equipment price of only 2,000 yuan, the average family can also use. These products can provide a backup power supply when the power outages, portable energy and so on.

It is reported that, at present, China Southern Power Grid can buy home solar power station to provide electricity in the future, a yard or rooftop of the family can be converted into a small power station.

Location: Daya Bay Area

Charging cars 100 km only 9.75 yuan electricity

At 2:30 pm yesterday, four shiny new energy vehicles into the Daya Bay Area CMC compound, the new energy vehicle test drive experience activities kicked off.

“Today we brought four cars, are charging cars, do not look at electric cars, its power is not small.” Guangdong billion Wei Sainz New Energy Systems Co., Ltd. Sales Engineer Chen Hong Rui told reporters.

3 o’clock in the afternoon, surrounded by four electric cars around the test drive to the public around the full, “the red car pulled a good wind, fashion.” Citizen Zheng Weiwei and colleagues heard of a new energy vehicle test drive experience activities, Immediately similar to come. They line up waiting for test drive after registration, while understanding the new energy vehicles related to the situation.

Reporters also follow the test drive into the test drive vehicles, experience a. “As long as a twist key, power immediately after the road, very fast, without preheating.” Accompanied by the staff of the test drive.

“This car is very quiet, very fast acceleration, how long to charge?” Chen Shiqin side of the public side of the test drive asked. “Power station fast charge, then an hour will be able to charge a good, family triangular power to charge a little longer, need 6 to 8 hours, but once filled, can travel more than 200 kilometers.” Staff replied. In 10 minutes after the test drive, Chen Shiqin on the performance of the car is very satisfied. “Speed ​​is very fast, 4.5 seconds will be able to speed up, if the family wants to buy a car, I will give priority to save money.”

Chen Shiqin calculations to the reporter: charge in the charging station, once the power was 0.75 yuan, 100 km to be 13 degrees 9.75 yuan, if the gasoline car 1 yuan / km, 100 km to 100 yuan.

Energy saving story

Replace the energy-saving products the government do not have to pay

This reporter has learned, Hui City Government Building 1 has been listed as a conservation-oriented public institutions demonstration construction units. Here from 2013 to begin LED contract energy management, the building office area lighting to energy saving LED lamp. It is understood that after the transformation in the same brightness can be more than 60% of the traditional T8 fluorescent tubes. A building can be an average annual energy saving 344,000 degrees.

Hui Cheng, deputy director of the Office of Government Affairs has told reporters that the replacement of energy-saving LED lights the government do not have to spend a penny, and product companies only need to sign a 5-year contract energy management agreement.

During the contract period, the government pays the annual electricity bill to the enterprise. After 5 years, the enterprise can not only recover the installation cost but also have a certain profit. This model will achieve three win-win situation, that energy-saving products business can be profitable, the Government can use a free lighting equipment and enjoy free warranty maintenance services, and can save energy for the community.

According to reports, the model will be extended throughout the region.

huizhou 2600 public institutions saving 30 million degrees

The hernia lamp is both energy efficient and cost-effective for installation

Energy-saving products in the city showcase the scene, for indoor energy-saving LED lamps and outdoor hernia energy-saving lamps for appearance.

Huizhou City Ruibang Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd., Mr. Yan told reporters that they brought this is the hernia energy-saving lamps, because the color temperature and the sun is similar, and low power consumption, are widely used in automotive lighting. Now, the hernia lamp through technological innovation, will be a good choice for square lighting.

The person in charge, this lamp has a low cost, low maintenance costs and the advantages of energy saving, installation can be more than half of traditional energy-saving lamps energy-saving lamps. Installed two years later, the energy savings can be recovered more than 2,000 yuan in the installation cost.

At present, the company is working with the city a number of government agencies, large commercial complex projects, sports venues to discuss the contract energy management agreement.

Energy-saving publicity will go into all kinds of public places

“June is the Guangdong Province energy-saving publicity month, we will actively organize various public institutions, to adopt various forms of popularization of energy-saving carbon reduction common sense, promote energy-saving new technologies and new products, training institutions and members of the public’s low carbon behavior. Xu Haidong told reporters, in addition to energy-saving products into the organs, new energy vehicles test drive, energy shortage experience and low-carbon life advocacy and other activities, the next step, the council will carry out a series of activities to promote energy-saving low-carbon.

For example, the city will jointly organize a series of colleges and universities energy-saving forum and other activities, through the organization of relevant experts and enterprises from the construction, urban lighting, different perspectives on low-carbon economic and social benefits to explore and further expand energy-saving low carbon knowledge.

In addition, energy-saving experts will be organized into schools and hospitals and other public places, to promote energy-saving activities for students to hold energy-saving knowledge of universal education, resource conservation awareness education lectures. At the same time, vigorously promote the awareness of energy conservation for the public free distribution of energy-saving publicity brochure.

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