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integrated led tube

integrated led tube
The LED tube light industry is mainly focused in 2-inch or 4-inch sapphire substrates, manufacturers could save up to 79 percent raw material costs if tcob mcob cob technology was implemented instead. China’ Wanban estimates utilizing silicon substrates in the production of large sized tcob cob mcob LEDs can lower manufacture costs by 95% compared to sapphire and cob mcob substrates.
In the main office area, 23W fixed tcob mcob cob led tube light (3800 lm at 6000K and 85 CRI) with wide-beam optics provide general lighting with an average 500 lx on the working plane, while a Vauxhall-customized rectangular track system with individually-angled 23W tcob mcob t5 t8 tubes LED luminaires focused attention directly on the featured cars.
superior materials durable 5 years warranty lightul e465594 for usa 18w ac led tube light led t8 tube .
high quality ce rohs 2ft 3ft 4ft 5ft 6ft 1200mm t8led tube light led t8 tube ligth 9w 36w 85 265v competitive price .
The first to put into fully automated production lines.