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international fan chinese wind led lamp price who will play

College entrance examination results should be out today, whether it is admitted or get the job, have a good talk about it. After all, four years later, college students will come out to get the kids to work, get the job will be standing on the roof watching the stock market and you swing.

The stock market wavering, LED product cost performance is how? Current LED network on the continuation of the “big to! Domestic and foreign lighting giant LED bulb price PK, “the domestic and international lighting big coffee LED lamp in the day cat on the price to do a carding summary, for industry reference.

International T8 tube T8 tube domestic price which meet the domestic high?

When has been dominated by the international leader in the Philips Lighting and GE lighting encountered in the domestic and international markets mixed wind and water from the wood Linsen, Kingsun photoelectric, rectangular lighting and traditional big brother Foshan lighting, the international Fan need to localize? Cost-effective war, the “city people” will play or “rural people” will play?

international fan chinese wind led lamp price who will play

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