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jilin t8 led tube replacement of the traditional t8 led lamp project tender notice

Jilin T8 T8LED tube replacement of the traditional T8LED lamp project tender notice

Case Location: Open

Case Status:
I. Conditions of tender
The traditional project of Jilin T8 T8 lamp tube replacement T8LED lamp project has been approved by the Jilin Provincial Department of Finance to Ji Cai Choi X [20150520] -6911 approved the construction of the project owner of Jilin Normal University, the construction funds from the special financial funds, Jilin Normal University. The project has been with the tender conditions, the installation of the project and related construction is open tender.
2. Project Overview and the scope of the tender
2.1 The tender content of the tender
Jilin Normal University T8LED lamp replacement traditional T8LED lamp project, see the specific amount of engineering, “Bill of Quantities.”
Source of funds: financial funds.
Implementation: Implemented.
2.2 The construction site is Jilin Normal University.
2.3 The planned start date is July 20, 2015 – August 20, 2015, for a total of 32 calendar days.
2.4 The quality of the project in line with the state’s existing construction project quality standards.
3.1 Bidder qualification requirements:
Has the good business reputation and the sound financial accounting system; Have to carry out the contract necessary equipment and the specialized technology (the copy of the business enterprise legal person business license and the tax registration certificate), has the independent to bear the civil liability ability; Ability to pay taxes and social security funds according to law a good record; participate in government procurement activities within the first three years without significant illegal business records.
3.2 Bidder qualification requirements:
The bidder shall be a legal person or other organization with the qualifications of the professional contractor of building construction or mechanical and electrical equipment installation, with the valid business license and safety production license issued by the competent administrative department of construction, Equipment, capital and other aspects of the corresponding construction capacity.
3.3 The bidder to be sent to the project manager shall be issued by the construction administrative department of construction or mechanical and electrical equipment related to professional qualifications and above the registered architect qualification and have intermediate and above titles, with safety assessment certificate.
3.4 Bidders in the past three years to undertake a similar project performance 1 and above (need to issue a contract and the successful notice), the project quality requirements.
3.5 Financial Requirements: The original and photocopy of the financial audit report (2012-2014) issued by the professional financial auditing institution for the past three years (with official seal), the relevant supporting documents can prove the financial position is good.
3.6 Bidders in the last three years to participate in government procurement activities, there is no illegal business records, and the Procuratorate issued bribery-free criminal record to prove the original and a copy (copy stamped with official seal).
3.7 The tender does not accept the consortium bid.
3.8 The contracting project of the enterprise shall be handled within 7 working days after winning the bid (refer to Ji Jian Guan [2007] No. 17, Ji Jian Guan [2011] No. 32, Ji Jian Guan [2014] ).

jilin t8 led tube replacement of the traditional t8 led lamp project tender notice

Access to tender documents
4.1 The tender documents for sale: legal person or authorized person to bring my ID card, legal power of attorney, legal person ID card, business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate copy, copy of safety production license, a copy of enterprise qualification certificate, according to the law A good record of tax payment and social security funds proves that the records of bribery-free bribery issued by the procuratorate of Jilin proves that one or more similar performance (2012-2014) (with contract and notice of bid), nearly three years financial audit Report (2012-2014), the project manager registered architect certificate, project manager safety assessment certificate, project manager title certificate and bidders qualification requirements should have the relevant documents (all documents and materials are required to provide the original plus a copy, (Except holidays) 8: 30 ~ 11: 30,13: 00 ~ 16: 00 to the Government of Jilin Province, the Government (hereinafter referred to as the ” Hall of the fourth floor of Huachun Construction Project Management Co., Ltd. Tender for sale window (Changchun City People’s Street 9999) and purchase the tender documents.
4.2 The tender documents priced at 2,000 yuan per set. Sold no refund.
5. Submission of tender documents
5.1 Deadline for submission of tender documents (tender deadline, the same below) for the July 10, 2015 10:00, place for the Jilin Provincial People’s Government Hall on the fourth floor of the opening room, when the bidders were invited to attend the opening bid . The bidder’s legal representative or his authorized agent to participate in the tender, should produce my identity documents.
5.2 Late delivery or non-delivery of the tender documents specified location, the tender will not be accepted.
5.3 When submitting the bid documents, the bidder shall provide a bid bond of not less than RMB 50,000 in accordance with the relevant provisions.
5.4 If there are less than three valid bidders, the tenderee shall organize the bidding separately.
5.5 When the bidder’s effective bid price exceeds the control price set by the tenderer, the tender offer as invalid.

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