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kunshan city from jiangsu to promote 10000 pcs led tube lights for contract energy management model

Polaris energy saving environmental network: the government does not spend a penny will be able to complete energy-saving transformation, but also to sit back and enjoy the benefits of resource conservation. September 12, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, Zhang Puzhen government and the Soviet Union to optoelectronic technology limited liability company signed an agreement, the town nearly 1 million led tube lights replaced with AC-LEDled tube lights. The signing of the agreement, so that the current Jiangsu Province, Kunshan become the first use of contract energy management model for energy-saving transformation of the city led tube lights.

According to reports, Kunshan district towns currently use about 14.3 million road tube, mostly high pressure sodium, with high energy consumption, high cost, low luminous efficiency, short life and other shortcomings, energy-saving transformation is the construction of ecological civilization is the general trend, but also To crack the financial pressure of the real needs.

2010, settled in Kunshan, Jiangsu Su can Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., is a state-level high-tech enterprises, its painstaking research for 5 years, more than 100 million yuan research and development of “digital controllable AC-DC AC-LED lighting” , A better solution to the existing common defects in the led tube lights, in 2010 won the national invention patents, in 2011 by the Ministry of Science and Technology Organization of expert appraisal, in 2014 was Jiangsu Provincial Department of Housing and Urban issued the province led tube lights field The only “application of the certificate.”

September 1 to 7 this year, Zhang Town, invited the Soviet Union to the photoelectric 15 sets of pilot energy saving pilot. By the third-party professional and technical departments – Suzhou City, energy-saving technical service center testing, the use of Su-LED led tube lights, the energy-saving rate of 68.8%. This result to Zhang Puzhen overjoyed, and immediately decided to cooperate with the Soviet Union to photoelectric, the use of contract energy management model transformation of the town led tube lights. From 2012, the Soviet Union to the photoelectric has been in high-tech zones in Kunshan Park West Park Road, Bazheng Shui Road, Danyang City, Jiangyin City, and other sections of the led tube lights energy-saving test, saving rate reached 65% , And the lamp quality is stable and reliable.

Su photoelectric chairman Wu Quanhua told reporters that the so-called contract energy management, is widely implemented in developed countries, the use of market instruments to promote energy-saving service mechanism. During the 6-year contract period, Suoneng takes on the investment and maintenance services of the energy-saving renovation project. The customer does not need to invest capital and technology, and share the energy-saving benefits from the project. According to the agreement, saving 90% of the electricity costs, 90% of the investment costs to pay for the Soviet Union to optoelectronics, 10% of the return of Zhang Puzhen finance. This is equal to Zhang Pu does not spend a penny to complete the township led tube lights energy-saving upgrade, each year there are more than 70 million in revenue.

In view of the energy-saving effect of the LED energy-saving lamps, Kunshan City, is planning to promote the use of this model in the city. According to the 2014 tariff data, in theory, the annual energy saving of about 61 million degrees, saving electricity about 53 million yuan, 6100 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, saving about 3,000 million in maintenance costs. Wu Quanhua said the Soviet Union to Kunshan also photoelectric base, to Nantong, Yancheng, Xuzhou, Suqian and other cities in the province and the promotion of energy-saving radiation, “China led tube lights energy-saving expert.”

Nomenclature Contract energy management model

Contract energy management ( “EMC”) is a new type of market-oriented energy-saving mechanism. Its essence is to reduce energy costs to pay the full cost of energy-saving project energy-saving business approach. This energy-saving investment allows customers to upgrade their plants and equipment with future energy savings to reduce current operating costs, or to provide energy-saving services to energy-saving companies that are committed to energy-saving projects or to overall energy costs.

Original title: Kunshan will promote led tube lights “contract energy management mode”

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