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LED fluorescent tube good prospects

LED manufacturers are actively increasing the output of LED lighting products, including a product just launched this year — LED fluorescent tube (FL) tube — has been a wide range of output. According to NPD DisplaySearch latest report, LED lamp in 2013 the international market share will reach 6%, and in 2016 rose to 22.3%. FL lamps will output 230 million in 2013, and is expected to increase to 791 million in 2016.

“LED lighting provides innovative lighting and reduces energy consumption, particularly in power-constrained areas,” said Steven Sher, LED analyst, NPD DisplaySearch. “LED lighting is expected to become very popular and LED lighting will be used throughout the world . “

LED lamp market prospects analysis of good prospects

LED lamp market prospects analysis of good prospects

In Japan, the United States and Europe LED FL lamp output continues to increase. As the market of newborns, LED FL is clearly not the first choice of consumers, but its market is still growing for the following reasons:

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The LED FL lamp is considered a green product because it does not use mercury during its production.

LED FL lamp can save 50% power factor between 0.9-0.99, while the T8 FL is only 0.7.

LED FL lamp life is longer than T8 FL, is expected to 5 years or 30,000 hours.

LED FL lamps are ideal for replacing old-fashioned tubes that are now used in office or basements, where energy-saving is critical, as these areas often require 24-hour lighting.

Prior to the LED FL lamp produces a larger radiation angle and color quality problems have been resolved. The challenge remains, however, especially with higher costs, which has become a primary issue in the development of LED FL lamps as an alternative to old-fashioned lamp tubes, which are, after all, relatively inexpensive. But LED manufacturers are trying to narrow the price difference between the two. One approach is to design a power supply module that is suitable for most LED lighting products.

In 2013, a number of power module manufacturers designed a new product for MR-16, A-Lamp and LED FL lamp use, making the cost of these products by 10%.

“There are a number of different types of LED FL lamps available in the market, including different shapes, power ratings, length, color and lighting characteristics, but the lack of standard specifications makes it difficult for consumers to accurately select the best fit,” Sher added. Their demand for products. “

NPD DisplaySearch LED Lighting Market and Forecast Report Analyzes LED lighting market by region, brand, technology and operating model. The report also provides industry-specific analysis of supply chain, order, brand product development trends.

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