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led fluorescent tube lights lamps vs daylight which office lighting is healthier

Readers who work in a windowed environment receive more sunlight, better sleep quality and physiological function, and a higher quality of life than people who work in a windowless environment.

How important is daylight? We all know that in the field of lighting, whenever the “master” of the characters, referred to the lighting, without exception, “to learn from nature,” this view, it can be seen, the use of natural light in the building, it should be said that the highest level Of the “lighting design” section.

We are familiar with the domestic lighting design master, Tsinghua University, Professor Zhan Qingxuan, first studied under the Liang Sicheng building, and then enter the field of architectural lighting, the initial study of the area is how to open windows to the building.

But in the current market, the building can be considered simultaneously with the lighting program together, means that lighting designers need a considerable amount of early intervention, regardless of the former or the latter, in the current domestic is a rare thing, but also worthy of our expectations Direction, because the sun a shot, you know there is no happiness.

Sunlight has been found to have an impact on people’s physical and mental health.

Circadian rhythm is the body’s internal regulation of awake and sleep patterns, people in light or dark environment, the length of time will affect the circadian rhythm of the human body. The University of Illinois announced that exposure to light conditions had a significant impact on circadian rhythms. Previous studies have shown that working environments can affect biological clocks and behavioral performance, and that blue-rich artificial lighting is even better than natural light.

Therefore, how to make good use of sunlight is considered the touchstone of architecture and lighting design. In addition, green energy-saving and high-quality building rating and certification, such as LED, also provides for this.

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In the past 50 years, many studies have been done to test the positive effects of sunlight on human performance. For example, Heschong Mahone’s team found that daylight-lit store sales can be increased by as much as 40 percent. Another finding is that in a sun-filled classroom, students can improve learning efficiency by 21%, test scores increased 7-18%.

Sunlight can enter the building from the top of the building (such as a skylight) or side (such as a window). Good design to avoid glare and separated from the heat at the same time, the use of sunlight as the main source of general lighting.

Figure: Beijing Fuqiao grass commercial complex project is one of the few get LED awards project, the project in the shopping center and office floor lighting solutions, are in natural light and artificial light combination of effort.

Recently, an interdisciplinary team from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researched the effect of sunlight on sleep duration and quality and how it affected the quality of life of office workers. The results show that people who work in windows have higher quality of sleep, longer duration, more vitality and better physiological function than those in windowless space.

This international team of experts from the fields of agriculture, neurology and health care believes that exposure to sunlight in the workplace can affect workers’ sleep and thus have a noticeable impact on physical and mental health.

The experiment was conducted by the University of Illinois executive and office workers in 49 volunteers. They work at the same time, between 8 am and 5 pm, with a noticeable difference in age, race, sex, work experience, outdoor activity time, and eating time before bedtime. Experimental arrangements in which 27 volunteers in the absence of the environment in the window, the other 22 volunteers working in a window environment, so that they will be exposed to higher levels of sunlight.

Participants were told that the study was about work efficiency and well-being, but did not tell them what to look for. 21 participants with Antiwatch equipment, can record two weeks of sober and sleep time data. The final data obtained were recorded for 6-10 working days and 2-4 rest days, averaging 8.4 working days and 3.4 rest days.

In addition, participants asked to complete two questionnaires. The first is the SF-36, which includes 36 questions about health status. The second is the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, 19 questions that require participants to answer, and 5 questions that are answered by the participant’s bed and roommate. These questionnaires were used to obtain data on subjective sleep quality, asleep time, sleep duration, efficiency, and disturbance. Also includes whether the body during the day dysfunction, sleep at night whether to take drugs and other issues.

Volunteers working in windowed environments spent an average of 46 minutes more per night than volunteers working in no-window environments, according to data from the Actiwatch Body Chart Recorder. Similarly, the PSQI-based survey also showed that overall they perceived better quality of sleep. Body motion recorder data also show that they have a better physiological function.

Photo: ARUP (Arup) in the magical land of the United Arab Emirates on a magic building Al Bahar Towers project, directly from how to start using the sun, the entire building lighting design. To know when the sun exposure to the building is like what kind of lighting can have an impact on the interior, which light to block, which need to be indoors, it is necessary for the construction of the whole year different quarter of the daylight simulation, This system is an important basis for matching artificial light.

Figure: ARUP (Arup) in the survey conducted a considerable number of data measurement and rigorous analysis, and ultimately come to a different time in the construction of different windows open and close the control program. Facade honeycomb unit This open and close combination of design, to achieve both block direct sunlight, without affecting the beauty of the features, serve two purposes, while the indoor lighting control by the intelligent sensor, it is worth mentioning that the ceiling light and Wind slots, sensors, etc., are linear integration, making the entire space of the plane looks clean and tidy.

led fluorescent tube lights lamps vs daylight which office lighting is healthier

Since sleep time and quality were related to health, the researchers then examined the results of SF-36. Volunteers working in a windowless environment had two significant low scores: lack of self-control due to physical causes.

“People who work in a windowed environment receive more sunlight, have better sleep quality and physiological function, and a higher quality of life than people who work in a windowless environment,” the researchers say, “We suggest that the workplace architecture be designed to allow staff to receive sunlight on the issue of the mind, so as to enhance the health and well-being of office staff.”

Overall, the study shows that giving office workers more exposure to sunlight can greatly improve sleep quality and quality of life. Even in the rest of the time to go out and take a walk to the outside to eat lunch or something, but also increase the simple way of bathing the sun, the researchers pointed out that the architectural design association should be aware of these.

Therefore, both for lighting designers or business owners, how to make the office environment better light environment, really not just look at the decoration only, the light environment can also be directly related to the effectiveness of the company, in addition to watching the sun, the LED era Those who simulate the sun’s excellent products are also quite worth the wait.

Of course, this study needs more research to exclude its limitations, such as in a larger model space inside the study, excluding other factors such as the impact of caffeine, whether the study can achieve the same effect of skylights. Future research may help us to obtain the health and well-being to enhance the best in a daylight environment, the length of time and intensity of work.

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