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led general lighting to fight the size of t5 t8 tube usher in new growth space

The industry’s related news everywhere, then the raw material prices for the downstream lighting companies will have what effect? ​​Industry stakeholders said, LED general lighting this low-margin market, to a few of the price increase, Large enterprises like to do, small and medium enterprises to take the cost of raw materials than the original high.

With the development of society and people’s awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, and now LED lights more and more widely used, and has begun to penetrate into people’s production and life in various fields. LED fluorescent tubes in commercial lighting is very important, especially in cheap shopping malls supermarkets, offices, underground parking are widely used.

LED industry research Institute (GGII) data show that in 2016 the global LED lighting market will reach 29.6 billion US dollars, to 2017 is expected to reach 33.1 billion US dollars, the market penetration will exceed 52%.

The lamp became the first half of this year, after the ball bulb’s largest single export goods, exports in the first half of this year 433 million, an increase of 21.7%, the United States is still the largest export destination, reaching 104 million US dollars, accounting for 24.02%.

Relevant industry sources said the next five years, LED

T5 T8 fluorescent lamp market will be a peak period, from the developed areas to the inland hinterland for regional spread slowly, along with the national “energy saving” plan to promote, this process may continue to accelerate.

LED T5 T8 fluorescent lamps in the number of growth in the global warming, the overall market from the engineering channel to the distribution channels. Showing that they fully replace the traditional tube significantly accelerated the pace.

The next five years, the cost of LED fluorescent further decline, the product experience the increasing number of consumers, the final LED fluorescent will be a comprehensive alternative to traditional fluorescent tube.

National Star Power (002,449) from 2012 to build the traditional sales channels, the company’s LED T5 T8 fluorescent lamps in the main consortium, the product quality was the engineering business alike.

“And now, the country Star LED T5 T8 fluorescent tube installation of the project has been completed in the country.” National Star photoelectric person in charge, it can be a breakthrough in the shape of the space is not, so LED

T5 T8 fluorescent tubes in the market is the right to ask for quality, price, but, after multiple end-consumer comparison, the end will be recognized to ensure the quality of cost-effective products.

Because of different quality of LED fluorescent tubes, the price is not the same, using different lamp beads, power supply, the price is not the same, small-scale LED factory in order to compete with manufacturers, had to lower prices to win customers.

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But in the lower prices, while production costs will be compressed, the quality will naturally be greatly reduced, so consumers buy LED fluorescent tube, not only staring at the price, should pay more attention to the overall price, quality assurance in the situation , And then seek a relatively low price of the product.

According to the LED

T5 T8 fluorescent lamps before the market situation, the lighting companies need to do a good job in cost control and product quality improvement, to produce better cost-effective products, and increase the intensity of the construction of distribution channels, good product basic access protection.

At the same time, the future of LED fluorescent tube is bound to move towards low-cost, high energy, intelligent direction. led

T5 T8 fluorescent lamp, the price will gradually become more close to the people, will gradually replace the traditional lamp, more and more popular, truly into the average consumer’s home.

According to Foshan Lighting (000541) official said, LED T8, LED T5 integration bracket and LED T8 fluorescent lamp is the product quality, manufacturing, or sales are leading the industry.

Products, Foshan lighting 1.2 m LED

T8 fluorescent tubes for example, the luminous flux of about 1600 lumens, light angle, light fades, light uniformity, etc. were significantly ahead, and its ex-factory price of less than 19.8 yuan support, cost advantages have been further highlighted.

Production capacity, Foshan Lighting LED T5 T8 monthly production has exceeded 1 million month, sales also increased by 30% year on year rate of advance.

led general lighting to fight the size of t5 t8 tube usher in new growth space

The next five years, on the whole, LED T5 and LED T8 the total market will rapidly expand.

Philips related person in charge also talked about, LED lamp market continued good growth, mainly due to the introduction of the Government to stimulate economic measures to encourage parties to increase investment, such as infrastructure projects, thereby promoting the LED lamp market with growth.

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