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led lift type price reshuffle, look forward to how far lifi

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As Xu Wei sings, life is not just the front of the struggle, there are poems and distant, lighting is also true.

After a price war of the destruction, the current LED lighting, although only less than 40% of the penetration rate, it gives the hero a sense of old age; once the lighting of the poem and the distance, and now become struggling, and now where the poem and distant What?

Only by “energy” a move of the LED era is drifting away

In the past, LED has been a trick “energy” hit the world invincible hand, from home to commercial and then to industry, never missed. But to the present, LED awareness is getting higher and higher, relying on this trick alone seems difficult.

In 2016, when the tail is about to be caught, as hard plagued LED industry for many years of senior patients with anxiety, the 2017 LED industry also rely on a move to conquer the world expressed concern.

For the author’s concern is not unreasonable, in 2016, the body in the LED industry, people can see, the industry began to polarization. One side is the general lighting and conventional products, market concentration of large enterprises to move closer to the number of small and medium enterprises is declining; the other side is to differentiate competition with large enterprises, began to seize the high margin market, more and more small and medium enterprises. These make the market segment of the “Blue Ocean, said” sound more and more, one of the most “Blue Ocean,” said one of the areas of intelligent lighting.

When the traditional rigid lighting products and related accessories to slowly move closer to large enterprises, human, high value-added areas of small and medium enterprises has become the development of high ground. With this development, with the rigid demand for the gradual narrowing of the profits, fewer and fewer participants, high-margin market segmentation will become the post-LED era, the main attraction of capital.

In the middle of this month visited the Philips Lighting LED Professional Lighting (Chengdu) Demonstration Park Lighting Application Center, exposure to this “miniature smart city”, the more convinced that the LED lighting industry will become the “Blue Ocean said” representative.

Intelligent lighting is getting closer

Although intelligent lighting has become a general trend, but in the past few years has been the concept of the majority, landing very little, with the agreement is not uniform standards, the product presents a contend for a picture.

To 2016, the relevant enterprises began to align the realization of intelligent lighting unified standardization, which international representatives to Philips Lighting and millet Huawei jointly, the domestic hand to Huawei Op hand, and so on.

Smart lighting development momentum has been irresistible, but the product definition is uneven, and some are still in a simple dimming, and some have begun to achieve intelligent Internet. In this regard, Philips Lighting China, general manager of lighting design and application of the global market research firm TrendForce’s LED industry research brand LEDinside said that the development of intelligent lighting is divided into three levels, the first intelligent stage is the most basic switch and Dimming; the second stage is the use of mobile phones, iPads and smart terminals set up different scenarios; the third is intelligent, with software and systems knowledge, not just a single product, this time lighting as a Service means.

▲ Philips Chengdu Lighting Application Center – hotel display area

But even reach the third stage or not up to today’s highest level of intelligent Internet lighting, on this level, it is just a product, it can not be called a system, can not be called a service approach. Intelligent Internet said today, must be from a single point to a system, so that in the future more long-term change in the new service model, this is the future, a bigger direction of intelligent lighting.

LiFi technology has been at the foot

Speaking of intelligent lighting, have to mention the most attention in recent years, all the attention of intelligent lighting technology, black technology – LiFi technology. LiFi technology in the minds of the people still remain in a white LED can only rely on high-speed transmission of data communication technology, transfer rate is fast to transmit video, completely subvert all of the LED lighting and wireless transmission technology stereotypes, this technology In 2011, published in the TED platform, the night became red.

However, LiFi is the source and essence of the development of the term, in fact, LiFi refers to the transmission of visible light source of the “visible light communication” technology, is the University of Edinburgh professor Harald Haas in order to make visible communication technology concept and high-speed transmission Wi- Fi connection, only to this white LED high-speed transmission of VLC technology, specifically named LiFi.

LiFi technology on the future development prospects have been promising, which in the recent Nobel Prize winner, “the father of Blu-ray,” Mr. Nakamura is also mentioned in public places, one of the three key trends in LED industry is LiFi technology can also see Out, and more and more companies involved in the LED.

As domestic LIfi technology has remained in the laboratory stage, so we LiFi technology is still very strange, resulting in also far away from our idea, it is not.

According to Philips Lighting, general manager of China Lighting Design and Application Yao Mingming LEDinside said, on LIFI technology can now be divided into two different stages.

The first stage is the first Philips lighting in the world today to do a position, with LED light and mobile communication to solve the problem of indoor positioning and other issues. For business users, it can be very simple APP through this phone can find the goods he needs and the location of such goods supporting goods; for business customers can be based on the daily viewing surface or visit the amount of customers to further adjust the product.

The second stage, on the light can achieve real-time communication problems, although the domestic scientific research institutions to achieve stable per second, there are different intermittent speed, but are still in a stage of research and development.

Thus, the current LiFi technology has not just stay in the laboratory technology, but has landed and began to apply to the field of ultra-lighting.

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