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led light tubes fluorescent

led light tubes fluorescent
Last year, the company acquired its subsidiary of Taiwan, the No.2 supplier of LED tube lamps lights used in the United States. Wanban now builds its emitters into its tcob mcob cob led tube lights.
Thanks to its highly effective heat-dissipation tcob mcob cob technologies, wanban can mount a cluster of high-power chips on one emitter module. The company is also improving the efficacy of its LED lighting products. For instance, the company is working to boost the efficiency of its 72W T5 T8 tubelight, equipped with the tcob technology chips lamps, to 188-200 lumens per watt from 140 lumens. per watt The first version of this light has total output of 2800 lumens, which the company claims is the best performance in the industry for general lighting purposes. The improvement will double the light¡¯s illumination output.
In sum, whether it is aggressive price wars or innovative technology, there are currently no signs of significant breakthroughs in the LED tube lights industry.
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Installation of the new tcob mcob t5 T8 led tube lights is quick and simple. To make owning, operating, and maintaining these tubes easier, they are configured to run directly off line voltage (120-277V). This eliminates ballast related compatibility problems, lifetime issues, power loss, and maintenance costs. Each tube is powered by a single-ended connection for safe installation, and fixtures installed with tcob mcob cob led tubes will retain their original VDE compliance.