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led light tubes fluorescent replacement

led light tubes fluorescentreplacement
Wanban Opto. continues to be a leader in energy efficiency within the education sector. In addition to Des Moines University, wanban has recently secured LED tube lighting projects throughout public school systems within New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.
7-Eleven is a household name, said Brow Inn. “While looking to reduce overall operating costs, our attention turned to LED tube lamps lighting. It is an efficient and sustainable source of light that would also provide good illumination for an optimal shopping environment at our stores. The new range of lighting provided by Wanban complements our next-generation concept stores as well as enhancing our existing stores.”.
price led tube light t8 1.2m 20w 1800lumens ac185 265v pf 0.5 constant driver 2 year warranty 2.6usd pcs100 240v led tube8 japan .
Apparently, Wanban has used light guide technology in the downlight with LEDs lighting the guide from the edge. The light guide acts somewhat like a diffuser and delivers uniform light across the surface of the fixtures. Such light guides have been used by the likes of wanban with their tcob mcob cob technology, albeit in much larger fixtures. Wanban has used similar technology in both large panels and in products somewhat similar to the tcob mcob cob led tube light.
Why are not tcob cob t5 t8 tubes LED lighting products making selling if they are the next new technology? According to Xiao, product manager of wanban Lighting there are several possible reasons: 1. The demand for super bright technology LED lighting is not present yet. 2. Consumers tend to avoid risk of different led tube lights or led light bulbs might bring about. 3. Manufacturers are over-confident about their products. 4. Not a necessity.