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led lighting market applications and features

1, landscape lighting

At present, the landscape lighting market as the largest application of LED lighting market, the share of about 43.6%. In the LED lighting market, the landscape lighting products for the price sensitivity is low, the market started earlier. With the continuous decline in the cost and the government’s strong push, LED lighting market, the pace of development continues to develop, the gradual expansion of the field of penetration.

Landscape lighting market, mainly in streets, squares and other public places mainly decorative lighting, driving force mainly from the government. By the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Beijing, Shanghai and other places to speed up the pace of landscape lighting, LED low power consumption, large power consumption in the landscape lighting market has a strong market competitiveness. At present, LED has been more and more applied to the landscape lighting market.

At present, Shanghai, Xiamen, Beijing, Dalian, Nanchang and other large and medium-sized cities, landscape lighting has been considerable size, completed a considerable part of the LED lighting demonstration projects, these large and medium cities in the successful completion of the demonstration project; Use, indicates that LED lighting in landscape lighting technology has matured. The current regional standard LED landscape lighting has been developed, the industry is being standardized, and its energy saving, environmental protection and beautification of the advantages of life is full use of LED lighting instead of the traditional neon can save 60% to 70% of electricity. With the accelerated process of urbanization, local governments have increased the intensity of the implementation of urban landscape lighting lighting. China’s large and medium-sized cities, tourist areas, lighting projects and landscaping lights are gradually arranged LED landscape lights, many communities and major construction projects are using LED to replace the traditional, power neon, LED landscape lighting is ushering in new development peak.

2, street lighting

2007, the Chinese government began to promote the use of LED lights, from Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other major cities, to Urumqi, Chengdu, Chongqing, Jiangxi and other local governments Competing to build a model road.

According to statistics, in 2011 the domestic LED road lighting (including LED lights and tunnel lights) total output value of 3.5 billion, the total output of 910,000. Of which street lamp output value of 2.9 billion, production of 680,000, the installed capacity of 53 million. LED tunnel light output value of 500 million yuan, the output of 230,000, the installed capacity of 190,000. 2012 LED street lamp production is expected to account for the entire street lamp market 50%, the process of urbanization will further stimulate the LED road lighting needs.

LED lights next big market this year, the State Council executive meeting made it clear to increase the promotion of efficient lighting products, requiring large and medium cities this year and next government agencies, urban road lighting, all out of inefficient lighting products, LED lights will usher in the market blowout .

3, interior lights

The interior lighting market is another emerging market for LEDs. Through the control of the current, LED can achieve hundreds or even thousands of color changes. At this stage of the era of the pursuit of individual, LED color LED decorative lights contribute to the diversification of the market. As the hotel, business center, high-grade commercial office space and other commercial places relative to the price sensitivity is low. At the same time these high-end places more emphasis on highlighting the status and distinguished status for emerging products have a greater degree of interest. LED has begun to make small decorative lights, decorative curtain wall used in hotels, living room. LED manufacturers of LED indoor lighting lighting products are: high-power LED spotlights, ordinary bright led, bulb, LED fluorescent, LED light bar and module, LED rainbow lights, ordinary bright ledl lamp. ED indoor lighting applications are mainly concentrated in the field of commercial lighting, decorative lighting to the main:

(1) in the high-end stores, shopping malls and other high-end writing document indoor commercial atmosphere lighting

LED light source energy saving and environmental protection, no UV, to meet the needs of some businesses to show personalized light environment of psychology, has become a number of businesses for some special products preferred light source; full spectrum color range is suitable for contrast store atmosphere and shopping malls, LED light source in local lighting, key lighting and regional lighting advantages, can create other traditional lighting electric light source can not match the high-quality light environment, very suitable for commercial lighting.

(2) entertainment, beauty salon lighting

LED integrated light source full-color easy to control, you can create a static and dynamic lighting effects, from white to full spectrum of any color, rendering a strong entertainment atmosphere, the emergence of LED space to this type of interior decoration design opened a new The idea.

(3) bars, cafes and other places of leisure atmosphere lighting

LED light source is small, solid-state light, give the lamp manufacturer unlimited play space, can produce all kinds of different styles of professional LED lighting, LED full spectrum of any color and dynamic and static lighting effects to its decorative and manufacturing mood The function in this kind of place performance most vividly.

(4) museums, art galleries and other professional places of lighting

Museums, art galleries and other places belonging to the lighting of the environment requires a higher special occasions, the display of the special requirements of the lighting source does not contain ultraviolet light, no heat radiation. LED is cold light source, the light does not contain ultraviolet light, fully meet the museum, art gallery of the special requirements of lighting.

(5) commercial theater, television studio dance and photography stage lighting

led lighting market applications and features

LED light source in the indoor lighting applications, to the theater, the studio lighting environment interpretation of a new concept.

Judging from the current technological development at home and abroad, LED lighting, indoor lighting is an inevitable process. For entering the general lighting market, the power white LED in addition to face such as low luminous efficiency, heat dissipation, cost is too high and other issues, will also face to the optical, mechanical and electrical integration and LED lighting products common standards . To solve these problems need a long period of time. But the general lighting market is the future of LED the main market, the domestic market capacity, the terminal consumer market is also more dispersed, not easy to form a monopoly.

4, automotive lighting

From the LED application market, the automotive application market is still in its infancy, the market size is small. By 2013, about 95% of the world’s new car will be used in taillight lighting LED, LED automotive lighting market will be the size of the annual output value of 3 billion yuan, is expected to reach 70% penetration rate in 2015, LED automotive lighting market is developing rapidly .

LED as a car light mainly due to low power consumption, long life and the corresponding characteristics of fast. Statistics show that in the car to 100 kilometers per hour, with LED brake lights of vehicles than vehicles without LED brake lights brakes distance will be reduced by 7 feet. At present, LED has been gradually applied in the car’s third brake lights. Although the LED is still facing a low unit wattage lumens and related policies, in the car taillights and headlights into the market will take some time, but with the decline in cost performance ratio and luminous efficiency, the final LED will gradually realize From the car interior, rear to front of the transfer, and ultimately occupy the entire automotive lighting market. With the huge car production capacity, LED lights market is facing enormous development potential.

Rigorous, scientific research methods to ensure the accuracy and quality of research reports. “China’s LED lighting market in 2014-2018 analysis of the status quo and development prospects of the report,” the main research methods are: 1) Survey: LED lighting industry, we have nearly 100 practitioners face or telephone interviews, access Best first-hand data. 2) tracking research: To ensure that the real-time grasp of LED lighting industry, industry dynamics, we in this LED lighting industry to establish a tracking mechanism for research, access to LED lighting industry through the development of the industry. 3) Government agencies data: We check the LED lighting industry, the key enterprises in the industrial and commercial files, Bureau of Statistics files, customs import and export data, etc., access to more authoritative information. 4) SOWT analysis: Using SWOT analysis and Porter’s five-force analysis, we analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of LED lighting industry and enterprises as well as the potential threats and development opportunities. 5) Scientific prediction: We use regression analysis, time series analysis, factor analysis, combination analysis and other methods to the LED lighting industry trends to make a full forecast.

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