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led lighting products are gradually popularizing our lives

In the context of the current global worries about energy shortages, energy conservation is an important issue for us in the future. In the field of lighting, the application of LED light-emitting products is attracting the eyes of the world, LED as a new technology. A new type of green light source products, must be the future development trend of the 21st century will be represented by the LED as the representative of the new era of lighting sources.

Looking ahead to the future of LED lighting market, the global market share from 2% of 2007 to 11% of 2012. As energy-saving emission reduction has become a global issue, while energy prices, while the slow growth of traditional light source technology, facing the bottleneck. Compared with other traditional light sources, LED itself has a long life, energy saving, safety, environmental protection, rich colors and other significant advantages. Is the global emerging industries.

Led lighting market analysis shows: led superconducting light-emitting crystals produce ultra-high intensity of the light, it sends out little heat, not as incandescent as too much waste of energy, unlike fluorescent lamps as a result of the consumption of high energy and toxic gases, Neon does not like the requirements of high voltage and easy to damage. Led has been recognized as a new generation of environmentally friendly high-tech light source.

If you want to cut into the shop lighting, although still can not work independently, as the main lighting or indirect lighting, but in the local lighting or key lighting market, has been in commercial lighting design can be used in the new light source, LED itself has many advantages Has also been able to compete with incandescent bulbs.

In the shop lighting, the light source lighting a long time, although the initial total cost of LED high, but the savings in electricity costs with the increase in tariffs and rapid recovery to determine the future price trend, the continued rise in the larger, and LED Energy-saving features and non-mercury environmental characteristics and the advanced countries and even emerging countries push the energy policy coincide.

2009, the Chinese government to stimulate domestic demand, to carry out “10 City 10 000” LED lighting popularization and energy-saving campaign, today has 21 cities nationwide LED lighting to more than 10,000 lights, the national street lights and 24 hours of continuous use of the tunnel light became the first to replace Of the key projects, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen subway has started to popularize LED fluorescent energy-saving projects. So the LED lighting market is further expanded and to the global popularity. Led the LED lighting industry, technology and production capacity to the depth of the development of high-tech, creating a number of LED lighting industry chain of emerging enterprises and create new employment opportunities.

With the improvement of consumer living standards, consumer demand for lighting products from the past, a single lighting needs to the fashion, taste, mood, intelligence, environmental protection and grade upgrade.

Therefore, energy-saving LED light source is the focus of future development, the state support and encouragement, the masses favored by the country’s good products. LED technology continues to progress, low cost, LED into the lighting market has long been a big obstacle to the future of the lighting market will dominate the LED energy-saving lamps.

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