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LED lighting products exports of the four major characteristics and five trends

December 23, more than 200 experts from the industry, entrepreneurs attended the “Second China Lighting Electronics Supply Chain Forum and the 2016 North American Market Campaign Summit” to discuss the integration of electronic industry chain resources, Baotuan cooperation, expand the North American market The

In 2015, LED lighting industry in the turbulence and change, integration, price war, Paolu become the annual hot words. In the international market, because the domestic LED started earlier, not only in the scale of manufacturing on the crown of the world, and the gap between foreign technology is also shrinking, “the future of LED lighting will be the Chinese brand of the world” has become a large number of the industry consensus. In this case, many LED companies are actively “going out”. Compared to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and other markets, the North American market “seemingly open, but in fact closed”, there is a very sound trade system, the judicial system, into the barriers, the real entry into the North American LED business is not much. However, North America in the global economic system has a high voice, do not conquer North America, but also to conquer the world? In view of this, please follow the pace of this event, to unveil the mystery of the North American market.

Domestic lighting products export four characteristics and five trends
China Lighting Association, vice chairman and secretary general Chen Yansheng

It is reported that the first three quarters of 2015, exports of lamps amounted to 33.16 billion US dollars, an increase of 8.5%. At the same time, LED lighting products show the following major characteristics of exports:
1, the international famous brands are in China OEM production, sold to the world;
2, foreign large supermarkets are also China OEM production;
3, foreign trade companies after the domestic procurement of a certain proportion of exports;
4, the number of export enterprises in the past two years to reduce, but exports continued to grow.
And forecast the next 3-5 years, the export trend of lighting products will be the following development:
1, the traditional lighting products, mainly traditional light source products will gradually shrink, LED lighting products will continue to grow, slowing down;
2, the quality of export lighting products will continue to increase, the price decline will gradually narrow the space;
3, the export of manufacturing enterprises will become mainstream, foreign trade companies will continue to shrink the form of export;
4, for some countries require local production and import tariff differences, lighting products exports will continue to grow;
5, the future in addition to alternative light source, the LED lighting exports will increase year by year.
Industrial chain division of labor, open up overseas market channel
Chinese Academy of lighting, Secretary – General Dou Linping

Recently, the lighting industry there have been many platforms, from the supply chain, OEM, marketing to the Internet +, and so forth. The emergence of these platforms, reflecting the development trend of the industry Baotuan.

A wide range of lighting products, product line is broad, a building is often involved in hundreds of specifications, types of products, companies alone difficult to meet these needs, therefore, win-win cooperation has always been a “fine tradition”, NVC Early is the use of OEM methods quickly cut into the lighting industry. Such as home appliances, IT and other industry bosses, want to sit together to start a more difficult, and the lighting industry, large and small meetings countless, we together to discuss the development of the industry, which are by the lighting industry itself decided.
Looking back at 2015, we are talking more about the overall situation this year is more difficult. In fact, the concept of life and death every year, every year we say that day is very sad, but every year we have come to survive. Therefore, we do not have to be afraid to face this problem. At present, the industry overcapacity is an indisputable fact, when this situation, we should consider how to more to the international market, open up a broader overseas territory.

According to the sunshine of the financial statements show that this year’s export growth is relatively large, which is derived from the rapid growth of overseas LED market. Of course, a single enterprise to enter the vast overseas market, or some powerless, in this, it is recommended to strengthen the division of labor between enterprises in the industry chain, and to get through the channels of overseas markets, and ultimately depends on the quality and safety of products.

To create a gold electronic supply chain, campaign the world
Shenzhen Dark Energy Power Co., Ltd. Chairman Peng Guoyun
In the past, China’s manufacturing through the labor-intensive dividend growth for the world’s manufacturing power, but now China’s manufacturing advantages diminished, and LED manufacturing for China opened a new door.

LED industry, is one of the few can be from the material to all aspects of lighting to achieve the whole industry chain of domestic R & D and manufacturing industries, such as rare earth, power supply, sensors, chips, packaging and so on. The future, LED scale effect will certainly extend the localization of other electronics industry, and thus promote the transformation and upgrading of China-made manufacturing, will also be real manufacturing industry to the international hope.

Open up the North American market and the right place. The so-called natural, that is, the domestic LED industry technology, products and other strength is beyond doubt; the so-called people, that is, domestic enterprises Baotuan development of overseas markets increasingly strong sense of the so-called days, that is, the North American ban on the impact of LED lighting growth; In this regard, the dark energy will actively play in the electronic supply chain resources and advantages for downstream customers to provide products, technologies, channels and many other support, build gold electronic supply chain, common into overseas markets.

tube light

The next step, dark energy will also be held in Europe, Latin America, India, Russia and other regional market summit for the supply chain enterprises to provide more opportunities for communication and integration of resources.

The conference site also released the dark energy North American market dedicated power supply series, including compatible with all North American thyristor dimmer LED bulb dimming power supply, compatible with inductors, electronic ballast T5 / T8 lamp power, a full range of panel lights Power supply, and 50-400W mining lamp power four series of products, are in line with the US regulatory market UL / FCC / ANSI / DLC / ETL / Energy Star certification.

What is the North American market?
North American regional markets generally refer to the United States, Canada and Mexico. In 1992, the United States and Mexico signed the “North American Free Trade Agreement”, entered into force in 1994, the North American Free Trade Area was formally established and become the world’s largest regional economic group.

North America region is vast, the United States and Canada are developed countries, high level of economic development, although Mexico is a developing country, but over the years the economy, science and technology are also rapid development. Three countries population of more than 400 million, on the whole, the economy, science and technology environment is good, politics is quite stable.

1, data indicators
United States
9.63 million square kilometers, population 320 million,
Per capita income of $ 43,000 (2014)
9.98 million square kilometers, population 34.67 million,
Per capita income of $ 42,000 (2014)

2, the global LED lighting market share
North American LED lighting market overview
In 2007, the United States enacted the Energy Independence and Security Act, which stipulated that the majority of incandescent lamps would be phased out in 2012-2014. According to the China Lighting Association survey data show that the current US market share of incandescent has shrunk to 10%, nearly 50% halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lamps about 25%, LED bulb occupancy rate of nearly 15%. Compared to other light sources, LED has a more efficient, energy-saving advantages, can be expected, North American LED lighting market in the future growth of a wide space.

1, brand and channel
In the country, many lighting companies, the market scattered and messy, wholesale hardware, retail, engineering, electricity and so on. In North America, regardless of the brand or channel terms, are more concentrated, single.

2, hypermarkets
HomeDepot, about 49 stores in North America, about 1,200 stores; Lowe’s all over 40 states in North America, about 700 stores; Wal-Mart about 8500 stores

3, exhibition
North America’s largest professional lighting exhibition, once a year, generally at the end of April, early May The exhibition venue is usually selected in the east of New York or Philadelphia, or the west of Las Vegas or Santiago, east and west rotation held.

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