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led t12

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led t12
RMB9.00 led tube lights Lamp is OUT now, while 5.9 Yuan LED lamp tube lights raw material Cost Analysis
Core Tip: The east wind, newspaper brass, T8 lamp afraid! Market capacity, versatility, low barriers to entry T8 and T5 lamp holder integration, is already bloody Red Sea last week set off a T8 manufacturers around price war. ? Circulation type T8 tube led lights glass from over ten yuan prices have reached $ 6 cheap 5.9 yuan / support the current price is the lowest I’ve ever heard, you know this time last year, the wholesale price the price is about 13 yuan na! Sliced ??prices for many corporate CEOs tears ran, seemingly in the short term so that the number of dealers ecstatic.
?Glass Tube
As research and development in LED tubes product manager for 12 years, I tearfully tell you nothing is impossible. Tell me what you are interested in below to calculate an account (this talk about cost, quality and performance aside). A low-end flow of the glass bulb T8 cost: LED particles, Guangdong Zhongshan iron alloy wire bracket + 0.2W prices at two points (Guangya Exhibition 1 minute ago 6, not seen kind not comment, said by pounds estimated by separation in question is generally slightly scale enterprises will not use); a current 1.2 m T8 lamp with a minimum of 72 (again a rare bright spot can not be seen), a total of 1.44 yuan; plus patch a 3% cash point / point light source assembly a total of about 1.8 yuan; circuit substrate at 120 yuan / square Operators (do not ask can not certified and thermal conductivity and pressure problems, because the problem is very mentally) about 0.01 1.20 total square yuan; linear drive about 0.8 yuan 13 ~ 18W of / only (Oh the quality only), glass lamp + dusting about 0.6 yuan; plug ends G13 base totaling 0.5 yuan; printed packaging + tag calculated by 0.4 yuan ; manual processing by 0.3 yuan terms, total 5.6 yuan. According to the current market for a profit not in order, it’s not risk-return, of course, I know this is the most “economic” price of the material.
Tell me what you want to ask, plus logistics costs, return the product risks, corporate profits tend to zero, no profit enterprise how to live? At the expense of product quality and service products, to market what purpose? Companies Low pursued, can last long? Dealers hoarding a lot of goods which, in the end produce much value? In the field of traditional physical roots in years of business to get involved in the electricity business, you must first use the Internet thinking to rethink business models, have come to the fore in the internet businesses era possible.
The author analyzes the enterprise to do so, either deep pockets, map is monopolizing the market; either passive short period of war, protect existing market. Either way, all Kill a thousand, since the loss of eight hundred practices. Price is only one of many factors that influence sales. Play more product war, the channel war, war service. After all, the product quality is the foundation of this, if a large number of low-quality products to the market, the end user of the LED market lost confidence in those who adhere to high-quality, high stability, the company may be more sustainable development.
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