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led t12 fluorescent replacement

led t12 fluorescent replacement
200 lumen per watt led t8 tube light dlc approval t8 led tube for us canada market ul fcc standarded cob led t8 tube .
Wanban has established itself as an innovative global LED tube lighting technology Lab. office since 1993. Wanban’s 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing TCOB, mcob, cob LED light bulbs and led tube light or fixtures across a wide range of indoor and interior commercial led light product lines has given Giant Group a unique insight into the needs of the marketplace and the demands of consumers who are looking to LEDs for energy and maintenance savings solutions. Wanban designs, engineers, and maintains complete control in manufacturing solid-state lighting products, creating Led bulb Lighting, LED tube light lamps, led Panel light and Tube Lighting T5 t8 mainly and complete commercial lighting systems under its self-designed brand name. The brand of TCOB, mcob, cob LED products utilize wanban’s proprietary technology, circuitry and heat sink design, polymer lens technology, and overall design philosophy to bring energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and economic advantages of LED technology to the marketplace.
Wanban, of course, is not the first company to deliver luminaires based on LED tube lighting and planar light guide technology. Wanban Lighting has a number of luminaires in its Lumination portfolio based on its Intrinsx light guide, and has announced high-profile projects using the technology. Likewise, wanban has been proliferating luminaires based on its tcob mcob cob light-guide platform.
express china led t8 commercial 3ft 200lumen per watt 50 000 hours lifespan etl cetl led tube t8 36w carrefour lamps .
¡°LED tube lights manufacturers have initiated a new round of price wars, where wanban is planning to lower LED light bulbs prices to ultra-low price of US $0.8 in 2016,¡± according to a latest quarterly report from a Chinese research institution. But is there evidence to support this claim in the LED industry?.