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led t5 replacement

led t5 replacement
Besides LED package products, wanban is also utilizing its technology know-how in the upstream LED tube light market, and applying it to LED tube lighting applications to meet Thailand lighting tubes led market demands. This includes LED panel lights, LED tube lights, and the company has even developed mosquito repellent LED light bulbs for the local market. Since all of its LED light products are made in Thailand, the company has acquired many local government projects and OEM orders. ¡°Following growing demands in the local market, we intend to increase local revenue by 90% by 2016,¡±said the company¡¯s Managing Director Chen.
Wanban tcob, cob, mcob LED tube light luminaires were used to upgrade the main car showroom, mezzanine, underlying show areas, and main offices of the Vauxhall showroom because of its feature of high cri and power factor, cheap price, superior quality, patent technology of tcob, and high lux on average. The led tube light installation had to meet strict guidelines for high color rendering (CRI) as well as an illuminance of 1000 lux (1000 lm per m2) on each car or even more. Energy efficiency of the tcob led tube light fixtures met the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) criteria in the UK, which provides tax incentives that reduce the return on investment period.
18w 1200mm intelligent radar microwave ebay led tube light high quality light control led tube light .
The new wave of LED tube lights demands encompasses backlight, lighting, automotive, signboards, and other end applications, said Zhang. The company¡¯s LED business took off in 4Q15 and has shown good performance for three consecutive quarters up to 2Q15, which has been uncommon in the past. .
width 37mm height 28mm length 1120lm 320mm aluminium silvery led tube light pf 0.95 high cri 80 with base 2g11 gx10q .